Year 7 to Secondary

We are ready for you!

The first group of students who will begin their secondary schooling in Year 7 at our Flinders Park campus will begin in 2019. 

We are committed to ensuring that students, families and staff are fully engaged in planning for this significant and exciting change. 

We have been working with our Ready for Year 7 Parent Ambassadors to identify the issues of importance for you and your families. Below are some of the questions and answers from our community. 

Do you have something you'd like answered about the Year 7 to Secondary? please email us 

Nazareth Secondary College has developed a 'middle school structure' which has been trialed at the Flinders Park Campus during 2016 and 2017 with Year 8 students. This structure sees the same group of students learning together in the areas of Religious Education, English, History, Mathematics and Science with two key teachers. Students will itneract with other students and specialist teachers for Health and Physical Education, Language, Technologies, and The Arts. 

A wide and varied structure of support already exists at the Flinders Park Campus. Academic Support, Homework Club and Maths Help are available on various afternoons of the week for students who require extra assistance with their homework, preparation for tests and assignments or clarifying learning from class. For students with specific learning needs, additional support is available within the classroom and from the Inclusive Education Staff and their facilities. 

The Year 7 curriculum will continue to be structured according to the guidelines provided in the Australian Curriculum and as such students will study: 

  • Religious Education 
  • Digital Technologies 
  • English 
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (History and Geography) 
  • Languages other than English (Italian and Japanese) 
  • Mathematics 
  • Science 
  • Options within the Learning Areas of Technologies and The Arts 

The College's Sports Program continues to grow each year and Year 7 students will have the opportunity to participate in sporting competitions spanning a wide range of disciplines. All students are invited and encouraged to engage in multiple sports and, whilst sporting involvement is not compulsory, more than 600 students currently choose to represent Nazareth in various sports teams. Opportunities exist for participation in the weekly summer and winter sports competitions, major carnivals and knockout competitions, which are the pinnacle sport competition at school level in the state. If selected, students at Nazareth can choose to participate in elite sports teams and programs which offer pathways to club, state and international representation. However, for the majority of students, playing sport at Nazareth is a fun way to make friends, keep fit and develop a sense of belonging to the College Community. 

Music is a thriving aspect of our College and Nazareth's strong music program is well-recognised in the wider community. Year 7 students will share the same opportunities that current Secondary College students have within this particular branch of The Arts. Year 7 students can undertake lessons for a number of instruments through the specialist instrumental program at the College and will be invited to join one of the many ensembles that feature at our College. 

The current leadership structure at the secondary college will apply from year 7 to year 12 - for example Year 7 students will be eligible to nominate for Year Level House Captain positions and Mentor Group leaders at the end of Term 1. 

There are 10 House Captains (2 x for each of the 5 houses) and 20 Mentor Group Leaders (2 x for each of the 10 Mentor Groups)

Other opportunities for leadership exist within the Social Justice and Ministry Group.

Portfolio areas reside within the Student Leadership team and in 2017 we have the following:

  • Student Engagement and Learning
  • The Environment 
  • Arts in the Community
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Sports
  • Fundraising and the Community