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Nazareth Capabilities Parent Information Session

Date: 20.02.18 7:00pm - 20.02.18 8:00pm
Venue: Nazareth Findon Campus, 176 Crittenden Road, FINDON, South Australia, 5023

In these times of rapid change, educators need to ensure that the learners in our care are not only prepared for the world we all live in now, but for a future world profoundly different from anything we have experienced.

For the past 3 years, teachers and leadership at Nazareth have been working with Mark Treadwell to implement his Global Conceptual Curriculum through the Nazareth Capabilities; Skills for Success.  The 21st century curriculum explicitly teaches students skills so they can have greater agency over their learning.

In this session for parents, Mark Treadwell will discuss the transformations that Nazareth desires to bring about so that your children are ready for this century. These transformations are not only about the future of our children, but they also represent our futures and how we live, work and play in the 21st century.

Mark Treadwell has presented over 300 sessions to national and international audiences over the past 12 years. He works with schools in New Zealand, Australia and Dubai that are coming to terms with a world that is changing at an unprecedented rate and where change is endemic; a world where the ability to learn independently and collaboratively, is now the most important capability that we can gift to anyone. 

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