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Live more humbly, generously and faithfully


Today is the Feast day of St Mary MacKillop of the Cross. Yesterday, secondary students from MacKillop House had the opportunity to share in a liturgy as well as hear from our very own Sister Theresa Swiggs, Pastoral Care Coordinator, and Sister of St Joseph about her call to follow in God’s footsteps.  

“I felt that I could honour God’s people and support children and their families by being a Sister” Sr Theresa said when asked what it was that led her into Religious life.

“I wanted to give my life to God in this special way as a Sister of St Joseph” she said.

Sr Theresa has some positive messages for our students about life ahead, and what being a part of MacKillop house can bring to their every day lives.

“I know that we all strive to be like Mary in MacKillop House – showing hospitality, being practical with our support, being with others, especially those who struggle and find it hard to make friends, being kind, living simply and humbly and serving God in our neighbour, whoever our neighbour might be” she said.

“Don’t be afraid of the future. Give all your energy to this great work and don’t look back. See what you can do for God because God has blessed your life with good health, energy and skills”.

Sr Theresa challenged students to be inspired by St Mary MacKillop, to take on her attributes, her spirit of love and holiness to their hearts and to live by them.

“Her compassions, love and respect for the poor, whoever they were, was extraordinary. We need to ask ourselves: Do I show the same respect “to the poor”, and who are my poor?, Do I write others off, like a bad debt, or do I try to get to know the person better”?

“Mary had a vision for Australia and that vision was for us. It was a vision to address the needs of our time and to bring that same inspiration and hope, to be voices of hope, for all those with whom we interact and meet” she said.

How can you be a voice of hope like Mary?