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Super women, Cassie and Erin, fly into the Romero Room


We have had quite a journey with our super hero inquiry project into “Where did All the Good People Go?” We have looked at fantasy characters and enjoyed drawing and making these legendary figures.  We have explored how to make them fly using our scientific skills, experiments, hypothesising and persisting to achieve the most successful outcomes.  We have also looked into the super humans in our community, because the children decided that all humans are heroes who save each other with their kindness, hard work and love. 

Earlier in the Term, we had the police visit. This week, some paramedics visited us in their fabulous new ambulance.  The paramedics were both super women – Cassie and Erin. They gave the Thursday Romero children a great look at what they can do to save people in emergencies. The children had so many great questions prepared, and Cassie and Erin were very impressed with the empathetic nature of the questions, and how deeply the children had thought about them. Of course, we have been very busy in our own emergency centre in the Romero Room, for those of you following on EDUCA you’ll know how realistic it all looks and that the uniforms made by Ms Julie’s mum are in full use! Many thanks to Cassie and Erin for spending your day visiting us in the ambulance; to us, you certainly are real super humans! Check our inquiry book – the drawings and discussions are awesome!