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Family Welcome Night at the ECC


Flowers from our Welcome Family Night inspired the Romero children to sketch and paint some beautiful pieces of art. The children spent time exploring the flowers from different angles, with explanations of birds-eye view and side profiles dominating the conversation. Sketching began with the children recognising each picture would be unique, as everyone had a different view of the flowers. Ms Marianne reminded the children to sketch slowly and to keep looking at the flowers to capture lots of detail. The children’s masterpieces provoked a lot of rich conversation.

Mary: The yellow flowers are circles

Leila: Round balls

Rachel: Yes round balls

Aria: I need to wash off the yellow paint, it looks orange.

Rachel: No this one is orange, use this

Aria: No this one is orange, this one is yellow but it’s dirty. I need to wash it to make it real yellow again.

Connor: I put handles on the side so I can carry the flowers everywhere. They’re for my mum.

Callum: My mum has flowers at our house. Mum and I bought them for daddy because it was Valentine’s Day.

Rachel: Yes Valentine’s Day. Look, I drew love hearts because I love these flowers, they’re so pretty. When I did the flowers again, I painted the leaves green cos they’re not black and dead.

Darcy: I did the flowers in a line and I did the ‘what’s this called Ms Marianne?’ (pointing to the glass vase)… Then I put the flowers back in the vase. It’s easy.

Olivia: I dipped my brush in the water and put it under the flowers to make the water.

Leila: My flowers are in a circle.

Thank you to Marianne Pope for documenting this conversation. 

Kate Turner - Early Years Director