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2018 Student Leadership at Nazareth College (Secondary Campus)


The Environmental portfolio group includes issues regarding our campus environment with the intention of improving the environment and reducing our impact on it by an increased push for recycling. Presently, recycling initiatives are in place for bottles, cardboard and paper. In 2018 the aim is to further these initiatives – beyond just recycling. An initiative that has been decided within this portfolio group is to introduce new outdoor furniture within the courtyard; that can be used both as a flexible learning area and a social setting for students.

The Fundraising and Events portfolio has a key aim to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes – not-for-profit organisations, research, and other institutions. These all seek to better the issues, which exist in society that disadvantage certain individuals. The group’s initiative for 2018 is to introduce fundraising events for a variety of charities. They also want to continue to build upon the initiatives set in 2017 and provide submissions for our newly formed Community Fundraising Committee.

Health and Wellbeing within our College community is an area where student voice can be valuable. This portfolio group includes promoting student health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, through setting initiatives and increasing knowledge of the resources available to students. This is to help their mental and physical wellbeing by showing how it can affect their overall academic performance and personal growth. Sleep, exercise, and healthy eating, as well as reflection and self-evaluation, are all factors affecting wellbeing. Flinders University nutrition students presented to the Health and Wellbeing portfolio group and helped them to form a greater understanding of areas that can improve health and wellbeing. This includes possibly changing the school canteen menu to have a greater range of healthy options. They also looked into the possibility of allowing students to pre-order food from the canteen and allowing them to make their own sandwiches. Another initiative of this portfolio group is to change the foods sold during fundraisers to have a healthy alternative.

The Extracurricular portfolio group's focus is to increase the school’s overall student extracurricular engagement and student involvement in community affairs. In addition, the group aims to encourage student leadership beyond Nazareth and increase knowledge of other interest groups. The group’s initiatives for 2018 are to launch two self-sufficient lunchtime activity clubs by the end of semester 1. Another initiative is to promote the social justice and ministry group so that there is more participation by students.

The Community and Arts portfolio group aims to push the artistic and creative involvement of students on the campus. The group wants to nurture student excellence in the arts by focusing on creating co-curricular opportunities for students. The group was also keen to have the secondary students and the primary students work together in both music and art classes. Another ambition is to create more displays and murals to have around the campus. The last initiative the group wishes to implement is the creation of a middle school arts award and a senior arts award.

The student executive is looking forward to working on these challenges and collaborating with the Campus Executive Team and staff to bring them to reality.

Jake Cianci (College Captain) & Courtney Duffy (College Deputy Captain)