Exceptional Staff

"The staff at Nazareth are the heart of what makes our community so enjoyable to work in. Their dedication is sacrificial and their motivation behind all they do comes from a heart of love. We love our work, we love and dearly care for each individual; our colleagues, students, families and the wider community. Nazareth staff are passionate; a team who not only enjoys working together, but enjoys celebrating and supporting each other through life.

I love working at Nazareth, with its vibrant community, generosity and love for the needy, and the excellence which is pursued in every aspect." 

Miss Jessica Joyce, Director of Music


Ann Bliss2.jpg

Ann Bliss  


"At Nazareth Catholic Community, we aspire to live out our vision to create a Catholic community of welcome connecting faith, family and education every day.The Nazareth community is a family – and like any family, it provides an experience of love, faith and learning where relationships are formed and nurtured, where family life is valued and nourished and where learning is life long and life giving. Most importantly, Nazareth is lived experience of Church where everyone is welcome, every person matters and everyone belongs - from the young families in our playgroups to our Wise Owls and everyone in between!"

Michael Honey.jpg

Michael Honey 

Primary Campus Principal 

“Nazareth continues to surprise me.  Unlike other schools, Nazareth is much bigger in more ways than one.  It’s a community and you can’t understate the importance of that.  It’s not just about having an R-12 framework – it’s about interacting with the community, it's social justice, it’s living out your Faith in a way that is not possible at other schools.  When you enrol at Nazareth, you’re not just enrolling in a school; you’re enrolling into a rich and rewarding community.  You’re enrolling in a community that is good and wholesome and is committed to producing the best citizens of a brave, new and challenging world”.

Jeff Sochacki2.jpg

Jeff Sochacki 

Acting Secondary Campus Principal 

“From the outside, our facilities look impressive.  What goes on inside is just as remarkable.  Nazareth is a welcoming, inclusive community that produces respectful, driven and hardworking individuals.  By enrolling at Nazareth, you are providing your child the opportunity to learn to lead and manage themselves, but also understand that they can influence and help others.”

Rebecca Donnon2.jpg

Rebecca Donnon 

Secondary Deputy Principal of Curriculum 

“I wanted to be a part of Nazareth because I could see there was something very special happening here.  Now that I am here, it has only confirmed what I always suspected.  We are at an amazing point in the Nazareth journey, as the College moves into its 10th year of existence.  We don’t rest on our laurels, the energy at Nazareth means we constantly strive for excellence.  Our aim is to ensure that students achieve what they set out to achieve.  There are so many options available through the breadth of the curriculum and the pathways that Nazareth has set up for students.  We want your child to succeed just as much as you do.”

Jenny DeGilio.jpg

Jenny DeGilio 

Primary Deputy Principal 

“When I sit back and think about the Nazareth Community, it makes me realise the breadth and depth of who we are.  This is because we have the right people in the right places, to encourage and develop individuals that we are proud of.  The success of Nazareth is because of our amazing staff, student and families that form our unique Community.  We are much bigger than just a school, we are the Nazareth Community and I urge you to become a part of it”.

darren bailey staff.jpg

Darren Bailey 

Business Services Manager 
staff Theresa Swiggs.jpg

Theresa Swiggs 

Pastoral Coordinator 

"Everything that happens at Nazareth is worthwhile, precious and rewarding.  I love my work at Nazareth as Pastoral Coordinator/Chaplain.  The opportunities to support all our different groups, to reach out in new and different ways have been numerous.  The commitment of all to forge new friendships and create community has been overwhelmingly successful.

We, at Nazareth, are so fortunate to have such dedication displayed in so many ways.  Nazareth is like home for us.  As we move into the future with confidence, I am excited about the proposed and new developments that still await us.  Our community has already achieved so much and I am thrilled to be part of it.  The future lies before us.  You, too, can be part of our future dreams.”

Hicks, Joe.jpg

Joe Hicks  

Assistant to the Principal (Religious Identity & Mission)  

I feel so fortunate to be in a role of Religious Leadership at Nazareth Catholic College as our Catholic faith and spirituality are essential to the life of the Community. There are so many ways each day that students can connect with and express faith within the College and wider community.

Whether it be through our Religious Education Curriculum, vibrant liturgies and masses, retreat and reflection experiences, or being involved in the many Social Justice and Ministry opportunities, we provide for the spiritual growth of students and young adults, as well as nurturing their developing morality and decision making.

Our community brings to life the Catholic tradition that has been passed onto us and uses the inspiration of our five patrons to guide us into a dynamic future where our community aims to give witness in faith and be of service to others.

Furthermore, the College has a strong link to the local parishes as well as the dynamic services of our Youth Minister. In this way, we connect students to the many programs of the Parish and the Sacramental Programs.

Ferdinands, Sharon.jpg

Sharon Ferdinands  

Family Support Worker  

"Nazareth truly is a community in which every individual and every facet of life is valued and respected.  From the tiniest baby to the wisest of our senior members everyone has something precious and unique to contribute. It is a community that rejoices in the wonder and celebration of life,  acknowledges and grapples with the challenges and complexities, and honours each individual story that creates this rich tapestry of community."

kate turener.jpg

Kate Turner 

Early Years Director 

"Being a member of Nazareth Catholic Community is a privilege. Nazareth encompasses all that guides my life; faith, family and education. A community that welcomes and nurtures each and every member to live their life to the fullest, grow and engage in the quest for common good is something all passionate educators want to be a part of. I am thrilled to be welcoming the youngest members to the Nazareth Community every day. We work in partnership with families ensuring each and every child reaches their full potential, within Nazareth Catholic Community."

staff Kathy Thacker.jpg

Kathy Thacker  

Assistant Leader - Early Childhood Centre 

"The best experiences that resonate with me during my time at Nazareth are the strong relationships between educators, children and their families; which is evident in our daily practices. Our ongoing communication with families allow us to develop authentic partnerships that involve establishing a sense of community where both children and families know they belong and make a valuable contribution. Family participation is welcomed and is an important part of our community that is inclusive and supports a sense of belonging for children, families and educators."