Leadership and Governance

Strong Leadership

The Leadership Team at Nazareth is committed to ensure ongoing integrative leadership of Nazareth Catholic Community that is forward thinking, innovative and open minded. The Team leads a progressive approach to education, care and community development and its membership brings a diverse yet complementary range of skills, experiences and perspectives to this work. 

Nazareth Catholic Community Leadership

Mr Michael Dahl, Director
Mr Phil Lewis, Campus Principal (Secondary)
Mr Michael Honey, Campus Principal (Primary)
Mr Darren Bailey, Business Services Manager
Mrs Kate Turner, Early Years Director
Ms Ann Bliss, Community Development Leader
Ms Rebecca Donnon, Deputy Principal (Years 8-12)
Mr Jeff Sochacki, Deputy Principal (Years 8-12)
Mrs Jenny DeGilio, Deputy Principal (Years R-7)
Mr Joe Hicks, Assistant to the Principal Religious Identity & Mission (Years 8-12)
Ms Margarita Jurek, 
Assistant to the Principal Religious Identity & Mission (Years R - 7)
Mrs Rita Campbell, Religious Education Coordinator (Years R - 7)

Experienced Governance

Parent and community representation on all of our governance bodies brings a wealth of relevant experience and a unique yet essential perspective that enhances the governance of Nazareth Catholic Community. 

Our Governing Council is responsible for the governance and to further the vision of Nazareth Catholic Community. 

This includes supporting the leadership team in strategically planning and guiding the direction of Nazareth, nurturing the religious, educational and community dimensions and to develop genuine partnerships between NCC, families, the wider community and the local parishes. The Council is also responsible for the management of the Community’s financial and administrative affairs including compliance with all its legal obligations.

Our Stewardship Committee oversees and reports to the Governing Council on issues relating to the financial and administrative affairs of Nazareth. 

The Faith and Education Committee oversees and reports to Governing Council on the religious, educational and community dimensions of Nazareth.

As members of Nazareth Catholic Community, we each have something to contribute. If for you, the work of the Governing Council or its committees is the ‘best fit’ for the skills and experience you have to offer, it is an opportunity well worth considering.


Our Community Leaders

Governing Council Stewardship  Faith & Education 

Ms Kay Neill, Chair
Mr Michael Dahl
Mrs Teresa Lynch
Fr Bill Brady
Dr Vin Thomas
Mr Dale West 
Ms Mary Dunning
Ms Sara Ucci
Mrs Jenny Papps
Dr Pauline Hill 
Mr Phil Lewis
Mr Michael Honey
Mr Darren Bailey
Mrs Victoria Richardson
Mrs Jane Fox (Secretary)

Mr Dale West, Chair 
Mr Darren Bailey
Mr Michael Dahl
Mr Phil Lewis 
Mr David Bailey
Mrs Hulya Gilbert
Mrs Jenny Papps
Mrs Bronwyn Starkey
Mr Con Babaniotis

Ms Mary Dunning, Chair 
Dr Pauline Hill
Mrs Narita Perrotta
Mrs Bev Egel 
Mrs Elizabeth Goble 
Mr Mick Beech 
Mr Michael Honey
Mr Michael Dahl
Ms Ann Bliss
Mrs Kate Turner
Ms Rebecca Donnon
Mr Jeff Sochacki
Mrs Rita Campbell
Mr Joe Hicks
Miss Mirella Romeo