"You Can't Change the World.....But You Can Change A Life"

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Current Project

In July, a group of 16 people from the Nazareth Community (graduates, staff and other community members) returned from an outreach trip to Timor-Leste. This was the sixth trip of its kind since 2012. Participants worked in collaboration with our key partners, SAAB Australia, Rotary International and the Good Crocodile Foundation to build upon the important work that past groups have undertaken in the Triloka Village. With the generous support of Pacific International Lines (PIL) who provided a container and covered associate shipping costs, we sent over the resources necessary to undertake our project work. These resources included tables, chairs, medical equipment, family packs, books, blankets, sporting equipment, pencil cases, computers (which are now being used to manage medical information, for administration work and training and education), and playground parts and tools (which were assembled and installed in a school community by our volunteers).

The next group of Nazareth volunteers will travel to Timor-Leste in July 2018. 

We thank our Community for once again responding with generosity to our various calls to support fundraising and resource collecting initiatives. 

See our stories come to life on our You Tube channel.

For more information and our full story, download our Formal Sponsorship Booklet.

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Fundraising Goals

We are now fundraising for: 

•   Construction and installation of a community playground
•   Further computer installations and training
•   Repairs to the Medical Clinic in Triloka ($15,000)
•   Desks and chairs for a new High School in Baucau ($3,500)
•   Wiring and plumbing for the Medical Laboratory in Triloka ($5,000)

Since 2012, the Nazareth Community have been working in partnership with West Torrens Rotary Club and The Good Crocodile Foundation in Timor-Leste. Without the support of our community, Rotary and our other partners and supporters our work wouldn't be possible. 

Sponsors & Supporters

Our projects would not be possible without the ongoing generosity and support of our sponsoring organisations. 

Click here for a full list of Nazareth Outreach Work sponsors and supporters. 

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