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Rory's School Lunches

Rory’s School Lunches are our Canteen Management Company for both the Findon and Flinders Park campuses. 

Purchasing and ordering of food differs slightly between campuses. The  method of ordering is online through the QKR app. 

Please download the QKR app (How to Guide available here). 

Read more about Rory's School Lunches.

Flinders Park Campus Menu 2022

Findon Campus Menu 2022

Further Information

Ordering Time Frames

  • The QKR App is now live and the campus menus can be seen.
  • Online orders can be made up to 2 weeks in advance through QKR.
  • Online order cut off time is strictly 8:30am on the day.
  • Forgotten or unable to order online? Orders can be made and paid for on the day at the canteen between 8:30am – 8:50am.
  • Lunchbags will no longer be required. 

What if I’m late ordering?

  • The cut-off for placing orders is 8:30am, because food is delivered fresh to the school daily. Any students who have a forgotten to place a lunch order by that time will need to go directly to the canteen.
  • The canteen operator will advise if the menu choice is available at the time of placing the order.
  • If the menu choice is not available, a substitute product will be offered as a second option.
  • Students without lunch on the day who are unable to purchase food can report to student services and will be provided an emergency lunch. For Flinders Park students this will be provided through the canteen and must be paid for the following day. For Findon students, the emergency lunch is provided by student services.


The current menu is available through the QKR app, or on Rory’s School Lunch website. There are slight differences between the campus, so please ensure you are looking at the menu relevant to your family.
Items will also be available for purchase over the counter. These include items such as drinks, iceblocks and snacks.

Collection of Orders

  • Flinders Park Campus – will have an area at the canteen dedicated for order pick up.
  • Findon Campus – orders will be distributed to the classrooms via the student monitors.

Staffing of the Canteen

Rory’s School Lunches will have staff onsite at the canteens during the following times:

  • Flinders Park Campus 8am until the end of lunch
  • Findon Campus 8:30am until the end of lunch

Cancelling Orders

If, for some reason you need to cancel an order this can be done through the QKR app.

Click on the order day – it will show the order in the system.
Click on the product to discard, or discard the entire order.

As a bank transaction has already taken place, a credit will be received through the QKR app, but not a refund to your bank account.

On placing the next order, a credit will appear in the ‘checkout’ phase (eg a credit of $5, the next order is $7, therefore you will only pay $2).

****Orders no longer required must be cancelled prior to 8:30am on that day. Food will not be credited after this time.