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New Student Transition

2022 Year 7 Transition

Navigating Year 7 - 'Sound Bites'

Year 7 Parent Information Evening - Tuesday 2 November

Parents of the 2022 Year 7 students and new students to the College in 2022 were invited to attend a Parent Information Evening in the St Sebastian Centre (Gymnasium) on Tuesday 2 November at 6.30 pm.

The evening provided families with an opportunity to meet Campus Leadership and Nazareth staff. We also presented the necessary information to ensure a smooth start for our newly commencing students in 2022.

Year 7 Transition Facebook Group

At Nazareth, our aim is for families to be engaged and connected to the life of our community. As part of our communication strategy with families transitioning to secondary schooling in 2022, we have created a closed Facebook group, called “Nazareth Transition to Secondary in 2022”. We are hoping you will find this group an easy way to connect with us, and equally as important, with each other, as well as to receive useful information tailored to your needs. In partnership with you, the page will provide an avenue for discussion, conversation and information-sharing about the transition to secondary schooling. 

To join the group click on the link: Transition 2021 Facebook Group 

Upon submitting your request to join this group, you will be asked two questions to verify your connection with us - the name of the student/s you are connected with and the relationship you have to that student. Members are cross-referenced with the enrolment database, to ensure only families with students transitioning are a part of this group. 

We also encourage you to join the Nazareth Catholic Community Facebook page, which is designed to celebrate our community and is used for sharing news, events and information across the entire College and community.  

Year 7 Literacy Curriculum

Dear Families,

Please be aware that moving forward from 2022, we will not be offering Literacy as an option for our Year 7 cohort.

On reflection of our student body and their needs, we have decided to replace Literacy with English as an Additional Language for those students eligible or our Literacy Intervention program Macqlit for students who are eligible. Both options allow specific programs of growth for very different learning styles and needs.

For students who do not require English as an Additional Language, nor Macqlit, students will be placed in the language of their choice where they will work tasks with their peers but that are adjusted for their learning needs, as is the case across all curricula.

We hope you can understand that this best supports the needs of our students moving forward, and we appreciate your understanding in the matter.

Thank you.