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Parents as Partners

Leaders in Family Engagement

We are a community that has committed to a whole of school approach to strengthen family engagement in learning and the life of the school community. Our commitment to this has resulted in receiving the 2016 Tom Ffrench School Award for Family Engagement in Catholic Education.  

At Nazareth school leaders set out to partner with families to create a culture of excellence by adopting the Nazareth Five Habits of Excellence as a ‘roadmap’ to success. Our five habits are: regular attendance, punctuality, application, work completion and involvement in the community.

The systematic integration of the Five Habits of Excellence as a driver for success, relies on a strong partnership with families to promote the habits and a shared responsibility between home and school to support all learners – from the early years to senior secondary – to practice these habits to realise their full potential. 

Parent Handbooks can be found under College Forms & Information.

Opportunities for Parent Partners

Throughout the year there are a wide range of opportunities for parents to partner in their child's education and community life. This may be through information sessions, targeted learning based initiatives and programs etc. 

At Nazareth, parent engagement goes further than simply classroom volunteering.  Information will be provided here on a regular basis so please check back.

If you are interested in volunteering within the community- we would love to hear from you! Discover more!