Teaching and Learning

A home-school partnership recognises that families and our Community share the responsibility for children's learning and wellbeing.

Nazareth Capabilities: Skills for Success

At Nazareth, we believe teaching and learning is holistic, inclusive, life-giving and life-long. Teaching and learning supports both the academic and personal development of each child. Preparing students for their future is increasingly important in developing thriving and capable learners for a world that God desires.

We want students to develop agency over their learning – so, as educators it was agreed that we needed to explicitly teach these skills for success, as there can sometimes be assumed knowledge. With this at the heart of our endeavours, we began our journey of developing the Nazareth Capabilities – Skills for Success program.

The Nazareth Capabilities help all young people thrive throughout their lives – from the early years, during schooling and beyond. At Nazareth, we are committed to the long-term implementation of the Nazareth Capabilities; Skills for Success.

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A place for life long learning

Nazareth embraces a contemporary learning environment, where innovation and technology enable both our students and staff to be at the forefront of education. Our curriculum and programs cultivate the natural curiosity of children developing their skills to become enquirers, as well as showcasing their individual abilities and unique interests and preparing them for lifelong learning.

A continuous focus on integral ecology encourages our community of learners to understand that we do not ‘stand alone’, but rather are complex creations – where the need for social, emotional, physical and economical factors to work together assist in building community, nourishing family life and making the world a better place (Nazareth Mission).

A home-school partnership recognises that families and our Community share responsibility for children’s learning and wellbeing.


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2019 Curriculum Handbook - Primary Years
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Supporting our Students & Families

Staff at Nazareth and families work together to create positive attitudes to learning, develop shared understandings of learning programs and how children learn, and build on each family's capacity to support learning at home. 

At Nazareth, we utilise various strategies for effective two-way communication between families and school to regularly seek and share information about children’s achievements, learning needs and learning programs.

In collaboration with staff, families access information and resources provided by the school to support their child’s learning at school and home.

In turn, we are able to connect families and children with community resources which enhance learning opportunities and outcomes.

2020 Curriculum Handbook