Curriculum Extension

Developing positive attitudes, commitment, responsiblity, leadership and working within a team environment.

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At Nazareth Catholic College students are strongly encouraged to be involved in co-curricular opportunities. It is our belief that co-curricular activities develop positive attitudes, commitment, responsibility, leadership and working within a team environment. 

As students proudly represent the College, we trust that students will enjoy involvement with a competitive nature which encompasses the Nazareth spirit. 

Enrichment Activities & Competitions

Students have the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities spanning a variety of disciplines. All students are invited and encouraged to engage in as many opportunities as they wish. A small cost is associated with some activities to cover entry fees and where possible support is provided to students to provide them with the necessary grounding to ensure success, particularly in competitions. 

In addition to the various activities listed there are a number of integrated opportunities in specific learning areas such as the Arts, Music, Dance, Inclusive Education and Sport.