Student Development

Educating the whole person

At Nazareth we aim to develop skills that will equip students to live effectively and successfully in this changing world, and to reinforce a sense of service to others as well as achievement of personal goals. Students are guided in their decision-making and to accept greater responsibility for their own learning and actions. 

Students live and learn within a supportive Catholic/ Christian community and at Nazareth, our aim is to educate the whole person; physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually. 

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An integrated approach

There are many integrated programs across College life that encourage and nurture student development.

Such programs include: mentor group structures, work experience, retreats, incursions and excursions, student leadership structures and curriculum extension.

In addition to this there are significant life education programs integrated into our curriculum. These are based around personal safety, online safety, road safety, and personal development 

Other activities also include: Aquatics Camp, Canberra Trip, Ski Trip, History Trip, Japan Trip, Italian Trip.