Your choice your path your future

Our traditional Careers Week is moving to the virtual world!

We will be releasing a number of informative videos and presentations by key staff for both families and students.

The videos will cover a wide range of information such as: Future Employment Trends, The ATAR – a tool not a goal, Extending your Occupational Vocabulary, Building your ‘Toolkit’, Why Achieving the SACE is Important, Education in a changing world, Achieving the SACE Stage 1 and Stage 2 and a video prepared by each of the Curriculum Leaders, presenting important information about their curriculum area, including information about the subjects offered, future pathways and advice on what to expect and how to prepare yourself.

These videos will provide a foundation for families and students as they move towards subject selection and career pathways. 

Useful Career Information for Families and Students

Curriculum Area Information

We asked our Nazareth Curriculum Leaders 4 questions to help students gain an understanding of the education and career pathways. What subjects are offered in each area? What are the main differences between the subjects? Where can this subject lead to? One piece of advice you would provide when selecting subjects from this Learning area? View each short video for more information on the curriculum area of your interest. 

Religious Education Science
Design & Technology Mathematics
English  Languages
Digital Technologies Health & Physical Education
Cross Disciplinary The Arts
The Arts - Music  Technology and Food 
Humanities and Social Science  

Subject Selection Information for Students

The following videos are designed for each year level to assist with 2020 subject selections. 

Year 8  Year 11
Year 9  Year 12 
Year 10