SEQTA Engage Parent Portal

Introduction to SEQTA Engage

The College uses the Learning Management System SEQTA which provides parents and students with live access to:

  1. Attendance, with the ability to contact the school through to internal messaging system to resolve any unknown absences.
  2. Learning in classes – you will be able to see in real-time the content that is being delivered in classes, just as your child sees it.
  3. Assessment results and feedback from teachers.
  4. Past student reports.
  5. College news and events.

Each family will receive up to two parent logins. Students use their college credentials details to access.

Access link:

Download the app to get push notifications and fingerprint authentication:




Introductory Help Guide and Tutorial

The following guides provided an overview of the portal and its features.

SEQTA Engage User Manual for Primary Parents (PDF)

SEQTA Engage User Manual for Secondary Parents (PDF)

Otherwise, enjoy our introductory tutorial video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special software to access SEQTA Engage?

SEQTA is a web-based application that is accessible on any computer (Windows, Mac or Linux), tablet or smart phone (iOS or Android) device. There is also a native app for iOS and Android devices. 

Web access is via

Download the iOS App | Download the Google Play (Andriod) app

I haven't received my login details or I've forgotten my password

Use the Forgot your password link on the SEQTA Engage login page. You will need to know your username and email address. If you are having trouble, please contact Mr James Tran, Manager - Innovation and ICT Services at

Is it possible to change my username or password?

Yes, once logged in, choose Settings on the left-side of the screen.

I'm concerned about my personal details being made available to the other parent receiving a log in.

Parent users, regardless of the family situation, will always only see their own details and the child's details.

Something else?

Feel free to contact Mr James Tran, Manager - Innovation and ICT Services at