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Our Patrons

Inspired by our patrons, we respond as Christ's witness to environmental and social needs.

At Nazareth, all students, families and staff belong to a House. There are five Houses. 

The aim of the House system at our R-12 College is to create a sense of connection, spirit, belonging and identity for each student in a smaller group within the Community.

Catherine, Dominic, MacKillop and McAuley Houses are named from the traditions of the four former schools: Siena, Mater Christi, Our Lady of the Manger and Cardinia which were amalgamated to create the Nazareth Catholic Community in 2007.

Romero House has been chosen as a symbol for social justice and social inclusion which are integral to our community.

Our House logos aid in understanding and recontextualising our patrons. The Nazareth cross is an element to the design that can be seen in each House logo. This unites the images and represents that at the centre of our community and all House activity is our faith. The Cross is also a symbol that connects us to the strong faith all of our patrons had in God.