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School Life Podcast

Engaging, connecting and understanding... welcome to NazCast.

Sit with Kylan (host) and a range of panellists from all over our Community as we chat about everything Nazareth!

Engaging, connecting and understanding. Fortnightly news just got fun!

With the wide range of experiences that we offer at Nazareth, we aspire to help each student discover their pathway, follow their passions and enrich their learning experience.

New to our College in 2022, is the Podcasting Program for students in Years 4-6, run in partnership with Arch D Radio & Podcasting.

Students with a passion for Digital Technologies have been meeting for sessions after school once a week at the Findon Campus to plan, storyboard, script-write, interview and record their very own podcasts.

Encouraged to pursue their interests and follow their passions, each group of 'podcasters' have chosen topics from the depths of their wildest imaginations - from sporting moments and funny cat videos to book reviews and nostalgic childhood memories.

Learning how to "hook the listener" has been a big focus of the sessions led by James Meston of Arch D Radio.

Students have journeyed through the process as content writers and planners, who have learnt how to execute ideas with professional equipment to facilitate audio recording and editing. Students have also learnt about publishing ethics including copyright.

Listen to our range of Year 4-6 Podcasts below: