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St Gabriel Centre to Open Ready for 2021


The St Gabriel Centre will be open and ready for teaching and learning at the beginning of Term 1, 2021. A short 6 - minute walk across the river from the Flinders Park campus, it will be a dedicated centre for our Year 12's. Nazareth's continued growth has enabled our Community to reimagine learning opportunities for senior students. 

A recording of the recent Community Forum will be available shortly.

View the 3D 'fly through' of the Centre to an insight into the experience our young people will have from 2021. 

Presenting..... our Year 12 Research Projects.


The Nazareth Year 12 students excelled once again in undertaking their Research Project. The enthusiasm with which they embrace the opportunity to get deep learning in an area that they choose themselves, is inspiring. These young people really are conducting 21st century learning, designing their own questions, planning the ways they will investigate them and engaging meaningfully with the world to find the answers.

Some of their questions were:

  • What are the Medical and Economic benefits of using the Point Of Care Testing (POCT) Framework in Rural Indigenous Communities?
  • To what extent is adaptive clothing available for people with a disability in Australia and how can I create a marketing pitch to influence a fashion label to design and stock affordable and adaptive clothing?
  • How can Youth Organisations support young African Males to stay away from the wrong path?
  • To what extent can early identification and preventative measures support children with dyslexia?

This year so many students used communication tools such as Zoom to talk to people all over the world – often getting up in the middle of the night to communicate with experts in places like Norway, Canada and London. Conducting research in the middle of a world-wide pandemic is no easy feat, but the Nazareth students used imagination and perseverance to find answers. They have so many great stories to tell.

Here is a short student-led video filmed and edited by our Senior Photography Leader, Deahna Lappas, showcasing a handful of the Research Projects and their experiences.


Cooking at home with the Technology and Food Teachers


In preparing for term 2, the Technology and Food (TEF) teachers have been busy in the kitchen adapting their curriculum to provide teaching and learning experiences for the students as we shift to online learning.

To ensure students have access to skill development, knowledge and understanding, the TEF staff have been engaging in Flipped Learning. During the last week of Term 1 a selection of delicious recipes utilising a variety of cooking methods and ingredients were filmed as video demonstrations to allow students to understand key recipe processes within the home environment. Hopefully, this will inspire students to undertake some of these recipes and cook supervised with their families.

Research has shown that cooking helps mental health as it can be a creative outlet. It is a way to channel energy, can be used as a distraction, and to express emotions through a different medium.

Here are some of their beautiful creations.

You’re welcome to try cooking these yourself by downloading the following recipes:

Fantastic Fried Quinoa
Mac & Cheese
Wattle Seed Damper

Wattle Seed Damper.jpg

Developing executive function skills through music


There are a multitude of ways to develop organisational, social, language and executive function skills for students. Music programs offered to pre-teens as part of their annual curriculum is an integrated approach.

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Solving the dinner dilemma with collaboration and contemporary education.


For a growing number of families, doing the grocery shopping and preparing a home-cooked meal from scratch just isn’t an option between juggling work, study and other commitments.

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Google Announces Grant for Nazareth's 2019 Future Learners Conference


Nazareth Catholic College receives $15k Google sponsorship towards a collaborative ‘Future Learners’ Conference for educators in Catholic education to be held in July.

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SACE Success again in 2018!


SACE Success again in 2018!

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Acts of Kindness


Acts of Kindness

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Research Project Success


2018 Research Project Success

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Naturally Fun at the ECC


We value space because of its power to organise, to promote pleasant relationships between people, to create a handsome environment, provide changes, promotes choices and activity, and its potential for sparking all kinds of social, affective and cognitive learning. (Loris Malaguzzi).

The educators and children are excited that our sandpit makeover is nearing completion, we can’t wait to explore! Simon and his team from Climbing Trees have designed and constructed an exciting and inviting area for the children to engage in play that complies with the Early Years Learning Framework, National Quality Standards and the National Regulations. Learning environments are one of the key practices from the Early Years Learning Frameworks. 

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