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'Old Gold' Graduate Story: Claire Salvemini (2017)


Claire Salvemini (2017), after successfully finishing her Bachelor in Communications and Media, sub-majoring in social media at the University of South Australia, now works as a Digital Coordinator in the SkyCity Adelaide Marketing team. In this role, Claire oversees various Digital Communications for some of the brand’s restaurants, more specifically their social media, website, and community management. Claire explains that the job came through an internship she did with SkyCity which she enjoyed and ultimately “[her] work during the internship and connections made helped me get to where I am now”.

She also shares her time at Nazareth and how her decisions ultimately lead to the journey she is on today. “In Year 12 I found out about the Communication and Media degree at the University of South Australia and thought it sounded interesting, plus in school, I wasn’t really sure exactly what I wanted to do but I always enjoyed English and business the most so I kind of assumed something to do with writing or marketing”. She also expressed that “despite applying for the course I felt like I needed a break from studying so decided to take a gap year. During my gap year, I travelled to Texas to work as a camp counsellor for a few months. Meeting people from around the world and getting the opportunity to travel was an amazing experience and it helped me realise the degree I chose is what I wanted to do”.

Claire's advice to current year 12 Students and her year 12 self is that “you do not have to go straight to University after high school and choosing to go later won’t set you back. Taking some time off might just be what you need to work out what it is that you want to do”. She also mentioned that “another piece of advice I’d give is that internships are a great way to make connections in your field and experience the job for yourself”.

What is next for Claire remains the same as she hopes to progress further in her career, becoming a Digital Communications Manager in the future, and also explore digital communications in different industries such as non-profit or tourism.