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'Old Gold' Graduate Story: Harrison Stewart (2018)


Harrison Stewart, 2018 Graduate after completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) degree where he specialised his degree around the study and art of writing fiction while being taught by some of South Australia’s most influential writers. Harrison is continuing his studies beginning a Postgraduate degree this year and will be focusing on his thesis on “Influential Fantasy Authors and how their Racial Prejudice is still evident in Fantasy today.” While working full-time as a Senior staff member at Surf Dive ‘n Ski and had the opportunity to work in management positions, and being offered a position at a new store which he has enjoyed.

Harrison shares the key teachers that helped influence and support him during his time at Nazareth. “Nearly four years on I find the influence of Diana Virgo, Katerina Raptis, and Jason Johns still lives with me to this day. Whether they pulled me out of big holes I dug myself in during my later years towards graduation, or simply just made me realise I had greater skills than I perceived. That would be three people I hope are mentoring children to this day.”

He explains after graduating he initially pursued a career in Theatre. However, he moved his aspirations to the writing industry after failing to get into the Flinders University Drama course. Harrison reveals “Transitioning into University was great. Self-guided learning was smooth sailing and relatively comfortable for me and I found myself getting into the rhythm of self-accountability without too many hitches.”

Harrison has some exciting aspirations and goals for the future including completing his postgraduate and being appointed one of the leaders; of a community-funded University driven project. Explaining “I have my plate full but still want more”. He continues “later this year a few of my close colleagues have a published Anthology coming into print. It’s called “Last Call” and is a story with 13 different characters – written by 13 different authors – that follows a ‘Pub-crawl’ as it progresses through the night. It has been a huge effort getting it to publication, but we have local South Australian publisher Glimmer Press lined up, and well over half the funds! It’s been an incredible process and has put our dreams into a reality”.

The advice Harrison would give current Students is “those deadlines are important, but not as important as taking a deep breath and a bit of time to yourself. So just sit back and have that coffee in the Café Space for an extra five minutes after that bell rings. Because that is what you’ll remember the most – the times when everything was still for a moment.”

If you are interested in donating to Harrison and his Colleague’s project, click here.