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News Around Our Community

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Together we are Making a Difference


For the past few weeks, our students have been encouraged to bring and donate non-perishable canned foods for homeless children and their families. Across the campuses, each house is given time to create a unique can sculpture. This morning, the respective 7-12 Student Leadership team from each house came together to create these sculptures.  


Drawing on the Nazareth theme for 2021 "United in Faith, Hope and Love", students incorporated house colours, love, wisdom, spirituality, and imagination, to exceeded the expectations of the judging panel. As a result, over 5,700 cans were collected, and Dominic House were the winners of the sculpting competition.  


“Nazareth has been in partnership with St Vincent De Paul Society for a number of years. One of the dimensions of a Catholic Education is to promote stewardship of our young people and to promote social justice,” said Mrs Emma Radbone - Religious Education Coordinator (Mission) 7-12 and Sculpting Judge


“This year, the Flinders Park campus is proud to be donating approximately 5,700 Cans to the St Vincent de Paul Society, which will be given directly to the vulnerable in the Adelaide community or made into meals,” she said. 


The Adelaide Zero Project by the Don Dunstan Foundation, in collaboration with St Vincent de Paul and 40 other government and non-government organisations, have announced Adelaide's homelessness is decreasing dramatically. The cities 4-year project was the first in the country to collaborate with the Institute of Global Homelessness to end all forms of homelessness by 2030. 


Chief Executive Officer of the St Vincent de Paul Society Louise Miller-Frost says, “We are seeing an average of 33 people per month entering rough sleeping, so if we can keep up the momentum of housing over 70 people per month, we will make real strides towards our target." 


As the Nazareth Community continues to donate non-perishable canned foods, blankets, and clothing, we will continue to contribute to the everchanging homelessness crisis in Adelaide.  


If you wish to donate to the St Vincent de Paul Society Winter Appeal, please: 

Call the Donation Hotline: 13 18 12, visit:, or find your closest store


By Seth Crothers | University of South Australia Journalism & Professional Writing Student / Nazareth Graduate (2019)