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If you care enough, you can succeed!


At Nazareth, we encourage all students to do their best. To try and to strive to do your best, is in fact – success. To be happy with what you have achieved is also success. Success is not just about academics. As a Catholic school, we often call on the  ‘5 Habits of Excellence’ in the search for success, but we also emphasise and promote values such as integrity, dignity and respect, which in themselves all lead to success.


Here are a few other thoughts about success to ponder:


Be willing to pay the price

Success is never guaranteed, but if you want to succeed, you have to be willing to pay the price. The “price” depends on what we want to succeed at: it could mean years of education, years of developing a skill or skills, years of sacrifice, years of failure or any number of things.

Paying the price may also mean being willing to make changes. These changes could be in our self, in our environment, in our location, or even in who we associate with if they are detrimental to our success. This trips up a lot of people. We humans like our comfort zones. The trouble is we grow very little within our comfort zones. We must step outside of the familiar and safe and into the unknown in order to become more than we already are.


Have finishing power

Fortitude is having the strength of mind to endure adversity with courage. Focus is the ability to concentrate our attention where it’s needed. Having the fortitude and focus to keep working toward our goals in the midst of difficulties, distractions, obstacles, and opposition will give you the finishing power that carries you past any hindrances and into the rarefied air of high achievement. Finishing what they start sets the winners apart from those who shrink away in laziness or defeat.


Live in the now

Someday never gets here, it is always now. Don’t put off your goals because it isn’t the ideal time, or you lack funds, or lack time. You can work toward your goals in spite of all those excuses. The time will never be right if you aren’t prepared for it, so prepare! You can prepare while you save money as well. As for not having the time, a person that says they have no time for something usually does find time to do other things that aren’t necessary, such as watching television for example. In most cases, it’s really a matter of where we place our priorities…


Never stop learning

The more knowledge and wisdom you possess, the better the mental resources you have to draw upon for problem-solving, brainstorming, product development, creativity, and a host of other needs. It’s been proven that learning helps keep us y9oung, and some studies indicate learning helps stave off diseases…And then there’s the way Dr Albert Einstein put it, “once you stop learning, you start dying”…


Be a goal setter

We can have all kinds of marvellous ideas, but until we set them down on paper as goals we aren’t likely to act on them. If we don’t set them down on paper we are more likely to give up on them in the face of difficulties. By putting our goals down on paper and making an action plan to achieve them, it sinks into our minds better. We will be more likely to follow through.

Writing our goals down also serves as notice to our subconscious that these ideas are important because we made the effort to separate them from the thousands of other ideas that flow through our consciousness on a daily basis. That tells our subconscious mind these are the ideas to go to work on, on our behalf, bringing ideas and intuition to us that will help us achieve our goals.


As an educator and parent, I firmly believe you can succeed at anything you care enough about.


Jeff Sochacki – Head of Campus – Flinders Park