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Promoting inclusion, diversity, and success for all!


At Nazareth Catholic College we strive to provide students with engaging, diverse, inclusive, and stimulating curriculums that cater to each child's physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and academic development.

Year 7 students are engaged with applications for real-world problems through the integrated subjects of HEaRT and SMaRT.

SMaRT, which combines Mathematics, Science, and Related Technologies, provides a STEM-based focus where students are provided avenues for lifelong learning.

SMaRT requires students to undertake problem-based learning as a significant assessment to provide them with a foundation set of skills they can utilise outside the classroom. Through this project, students were asked to take the approach of a sports scientist and design an aid that supports a person with a physical disability to participate more fully in a desired sport.

Researching athletes with a disability in the lead up to the project enabled an understanding of the challenges disability can present in day-to-day life and within a sporting prospect. This information guided the exploration of potential design ideas for an athlete in a sport of their choice.

Students worked collaboratively to take understandings from their science unit on forces to describe, in detail, how the sporting aid will provide avenues for inclusivity and participation for those with disabilities. Thinking critically to bring their ideas to life, scale models of disability aids were designed using various mathematical understandings.

All designs and models were showcased amongst the Year 7 cohort this week during SMaRT lessons.

Nazarin Iaconis | Year 7 SMaRT Teacher