We aspire to excellence in learning and success for all

Leaders in Family Engagement

We are a community that has committed to a whole of school approach to strengthen family engagement in learning and the life of the school community. Our commitment to this has resulted in receiving the 2016 Tom French School Award for Family Engagement in Catholic Education.  

At Nazareth school leaders set out to partner with families to create a culture of excellence by adopting the Nazareth Five Habits of Excellence as a ‘roadmap’ to success. Our five habits are: regular attendance, punctuality, application, work completion and involvement in the community.

The systematic integration of the Five Habits of Excellence as a driver for success, relies on a strong partnership with families to promote the habits and a shared responsibility between home and school to support all learners – from the early years to senior secondary – to practice these habits to realise their full potential. 

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A whole community approach

At Nazareth Catholic Community, learning is holistic, inclusive, life-giving and lifelong. We nurture a culture of achievement and personal excellence underpinned by strong leadership, high expectations, high quality teaching and learning, continuous improvement and strong home, school and community engagement. 

We recognise each person's inherent capabilities and potential and strive for success for all. 

In partnership with families, we foster in all learning environments the attitudes and behaviours that lead to excellence. Nazareth's Five Habits of Excellence - attendance, punctuality, application, work completion and involvement in the community - are all attitudes and behaviours observed in students who achieve excellence in their educational outcomes. 

Our Access to Success approach ensures the diverse learning needs of all students are identified and addressed. 

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Success at Every Level

Success at Nazareth goes further than our excellent academic outcomes. Our students graduate knowing they have been encouraged to realise their full potential and inspired to be people of justice committed to influencing positive change.  

We are proud of the positive and successful educational outcomes of Nazareth graduates whilst acknowledging that this success is the result of the cumulative effect of each child's learning journey from birth and positive early years and primary education in partnership with families. 

For 10 consecutive years, every Nazareth student has successfully completed the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SACE). 

In 2019, highlights included: 

  • 100% SACE completion for the 10th consecutive year
  • 20 subject merits (perfect scores) were awarded to 17 students
  • 32 students with received an ATAR greater than 90.00, placing them within the top 10% of students in the state
  • 361 subject results were across the A grade band (approximately 27% of all results)
  • Congratulations to Victoria Dwyer, 2019 Dux with an ATAR of 99.15