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Engage: Community Directory

Your place to start connecting...

Committed to building community, we strive to create greater opportunities for meaningful partnerships, the development of connection and a shared contribution in living our mission of creating a place of welcome, connecting faith, family and education.

There is a wide range of opportunities for families, businesses and individuals to connect, engage and support.

Business Directory

A free listing in the Business Directory is open to all families in our College community.


The Nazareth Business Directory provides an opportunity for current and past families, and graduates to promote their business and to develop greater connections and meaningful partnerships with the wider Nazareth community.

There is no cost to be included in the directory. To be included in the Business Directory, current and past families and graduates must own or be a partner in the business being promoted.

Nazareth Network

Don't own a business but still want to connect? This network is for you!


The Nazareth Network is for those within our community who would like to connect, engage and support, but do not own a business or are not a current or past Nazareth family or graduate.

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