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Community Engagement

We highly value the connection that families have with our Nazareth community.

Education is a life-long partnership. We understand the vital role that families play in supporting their child’s educational journey, and we are committed to building strong connections with our Nazareth community.

Community engagement is not just about involvement in school activities; it’s about creating a supportive network that empowers families to thrive.

You are the ‘FACES’ of our Nazareth Community

Our opportunities for engagement are based around 5 key areas, known as the FACES of Nazareth. (F) Feedback providers, (A) Advocates, (C) Curriculum supporters, (E) Parent Education enthusiasts and (S) Social connectors.

Nazareth offers a wide range of avenues for families to engage and connect with us. We strive to create a welcoming environment where every community member feels valued and included.

Explore Engagement Opportunities



We’re all about a culture of open communication and collaboration between home and school. We provide opportunities for families to provide valuable insights, suggestions, and feedback. Your input helps us continually improve and tailor our programs to better meet the needs of our students, families and wider community.

Advocacy & Faith

Advocacy & Faith

We are committed to providing opportunities for involvement in the our faith life and spirituality along with social justice in action. Families are invited to participate in a range of activities centred around compassion, empathy and community service, creating positive change in the world.



We welcome families to be active participants in our students’ educational journey by sharing their professional and personal experience, skills and knowledge as well as engaging positively and supporting the day to day teaching and learning goals.

Education (for Families)

Education (for Families)

We believe that learning is life-giving and life-long. That’s why we provide opportunities for families to expand their knowledge and understanding across a range of topics. From parent workshops and seminars to valuable resources, we are committed to equipping families with the tools they need to navigate the stages of life.

Social Connection

Social Connection

Nazareth thrives on connections – between staff, students, families and the wider community. We host a variety of events, celebrations, and opportunities for families and the wider community to connect each other, fostering a sense of belonging and community spirit.

Be involved…

Explore the diverse range of community engagement opportunities available to families this year. Hyperlinked events are currently open for your involvement and RSVP. We look forward to you joining us!

(F) Feedback
  • Cafe Conversations (ongoing)
  • Head of Campus Walk & Talks (ongoing)
(A) Advocacy & Fundraising
  • Naz Connects Cook-Ups (1 x per Term)
  • Harmony Day (Pebbles of Peace, Classroom Cultural Talks)
  • Clean Up Australia Day Walk (March)
  • Vinnies clothing drives (April)
  • Parish Masses (ongoing)
  • International Women’s Day Event (March)
  • Reconciliation Week activities (May)
  • Walk A Mile in My Boots (Aug/Sept)
  • Fundraising (ongoing)
(C) Curriculum
  • Meet & Greet evenings (February)
  • Year 9 Rite Journey (February & November)
  • Parent information sessions (ongoing)
  • Regular reading and classroom help (ongoing)
  • Sports coaching (ongoing)
  • Excursion helpers (ongoing)
  • Friends of Music (ongoing)
  • Learning showcases (ongoing)
  • AIF (Year 12) Mentoring (March – May)
  • Careers Expo (July)
  • Industry Spotlight sessions (March – Nov)
(S) Social Connection

Do you have ideas?

Catholic School Parents South Australia (CSPSA)

Catholic School Parents South Australia (CSPSA) promotes and supports parents and families

by providing a voice for education and issues that affect their children.

CSPSA is an advocate for the families, parents and carers of children in Catholic schools, Catholic early learning centres and pre-schools.

The organisation believes that:

All children have the opportunity to access quality education, allowing each child to reach his or her potential; and

School and family collaboration is essential to successful spiritual, academic and developmental growth.

CSPSA aims to build an environment where parents can be empowered to take an active role as the primary educators of their children.

The Charter for Parents in SA Catholic Schools, approved by South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS), was developed after consultation with stakeholder groups to recognise the partnership between parents and carers and school communities. View the Charter for Catholic School Parents.

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