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Beyond the Classroom

Developing global changemakers.

Our aspiration for students is that they develop into well-rounded, compassionate, globally conscious young adults ready to leave Nazareth knowing they can make the world a better place.

Students at Nazareth are provided unique opportunities to take their learning beyond the classroom and experience local, national, and global perspectives.

Travelling enhances understanding of the world, other cultures, and ways of life, and helps young people to become better global citizens.

Our camps, trips, and overseas programs substantially enhance the education experience and provide invaluable occasions for students to develop confidence, cultural awareness and skills in communicating with diverse people.

Excursions & Incursions

Nazareth students enjoy excursions and incursions every year – stepping off-site and delving into hands-on learning experiences. Whether it’s exploring a historical site or participating in a workshop, these immersive activities ignite passion for learning.


One of the most distinctive memories of school life for many students is camp! Our school camps are a fantastic opportunity for students in their formative years to build resilience, self-sufficiency, new skills, and new friendships. School camps are run in Years 6 & 7.


Our retreat programs provide students with faith-centred formative experiences. Self-understanding and strengthening relationships are strong themes of our retreats. Retreats are run in Years 11 and 12.

Rite Journey Abyss

Stage 5 of the Rite Journey program, the Abyss presents the biggest challenge of the year for Year 9 students by taking them out of their comfort zone to help them learn more about themselves.

Outdoor Education

For students who love the great outdoors – Outdoor Education expeditions are where practical learning meets the wilderness! Students develop determination, resilience, perseverance, physical fitness and mental well-being. Outdoor Education is a subject choice from Years 9 to 12.


Music Camp and Generations in Jazz allow our young musicians a structured opportunity to grow musically, gaining ensemble performance experience and self-confidence while making new friends and developing instrumental skills.

Arts Trip

Inspiring our senior artists and performers is this tour of enriching arts activities in Sydney’s thriving cultural scene. Students visit prestigious arts venues and attend workshops and exhibitions where they build knowledge and skills to enhance their own art pieces.

Canberra Experience

Visiting the nation’s capital is a rite of passage for school children across Australia! Our Canberra tour delivers Year 9 students with a fun and engaging practical learning experience in history, civics, and citizenship.

History Experience

Bringing textbook facts and figures to life, our engaging European History Trip is designed to aid students in their understanding and appreciation for the events taught in the senior history curriculum.

Cultural Immersions

Students who study Japanese or Italian in their senior years are encouraged to put their practical language skills to the test with an international study tour. Our language trips are exciting and memorable learning experiences where students interact with native speakers and discover culture and heritage first-hand.

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