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Central Administration: 8406 5000
Registrar / Enrolments: 8406 5012

Early Childhood Centre: 8406 5080

Findon Campus:
Primary Years (R-6) Admin: 8406 5100
Absentee Line: 8406 5105
Absentee Email: click here

Flinders Park Campus
7-9 Administration: 8406 5300
Absentee Line: 8406 5305
Absentee Email: click here

Kidman Park Campus
10-12 Administration: 8406 5200
Absentee Line: 8406 5305
Absentee Email: click here

Uniform Shop: 8351 7486
OSHC: 0439 896 557


Keeping you connected and engaged.

School communication isn’t just about sharing updates — it’s about building relationships between school, families, and our students.

Our approach to communication is all about transparency, convenience and ensuring that you are connected, informed and feel fully involved in your child’s educational journey.

We use a variety of essential channels to share important news and information with families, and engage with our community, recognising that effective communication is a two-way street.

Essential Communication Tools

Stay connected and informed with essential communication tools: phone, email, SEQTA, our Weekly e-newsletter, website, meetings and Consent2Go. Click each icon to learn more about how we use these tools at Nazareth.


Administrative personnel are on hand during business hours to field your enquiries, answer questions, process some forms, and take messages. During class time R-12 teaching staff are not available to take calls. Early Childhood Centre families are encouraged to contact their child’s room directly should they wish to speak with a teacher or educator about their child.

What to expect via phone:

  • Medical updates (injuries, accidents or illness)
  • Wellbeing and academic progress


The primary form of online dissemination of key timely information for families. It is essential that email addresses are kept accurate, current and regularly checked. Families are encouraged to communicate with us through email at their convenience. Wherever possible, a response can be expected within 24 hours on Monday to Friday.

What to expect via email:

  • Community announcements
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Feedback opportunities
  • Information directly related to your child including pastoral notifications
  • SEQTA notifications
  • Co-curricular information
  • Services available for families such as OSHC, family support etc
  • Key event information


This is the main source of teaching and learning information for your child *.

The URL to access SEQTA Engage is www.parents.nazareth.catholic.edu.au

There is an equivalent form of access for students called SEQTA Learn at www.students.nazareth.catholic.edu.au

* SEQTA is not used at the Early Childhood Centre (ECC).

What to expect via SEQTA:

  • Assessment results and feedback (Assessments)
  • Teaching & learning content and topics (Courses)
  • Student semester reports (Reports)
  • Medical & Wellbeing notices (Dashboard)
  • Daily notices function (7-12 only) (Notices)
  • Access to student timetables (7-12 only) (Timetable)
  • Some relevant policies (Documents)
  • Some booking links eg learning conversations (Portals)


The newsletter shares information from across our entire community, including ECC, R-12 College and community services. Whilst not all information may be relevant to your family, structuring the newsletter in this way enables us to provide a whole community perspective.

What to expect via the weekly newsletter:

  • Weekly information, articles, photo galleries, event information, successes and results, sporting results and calendar dates.
  • Directly emailed to all families, and subscribers each Tuesday.
  • The newsletter is also available on the Nazareth website.


A key source of information for both current and potential families within our community. A link to the SEQTA Engage portal is also on our website.

What to expect on our website:

  • Calendar dates and ticket links for events
  • Uniform and canteen information
  • Policies and forms including finance information
  • Sporting fixtures, music tuition and timetables
  • Newsletter and other publications such as the Aspire Magazine
  • College Tour and Open Day dates
  • Employment opportunities
  • Sacramental program and Outreach information
  • Community services and programs


Meeting times are scheduled for Learning Conversations across R– 12 and the 3-5 year old neighbourhood at the Early Childhood Centre. Learning Conversations are formally offered twice a year on each campus, allowing one on one communication about your child. These dates are listed on our web calendar. Outside of formal Learning Conversations, we encourage families to arrange face-to-face meetings with staff as required. Contact our Campus Reception staff or individual staff members to make a meeting appointment.


Consent2Go is an online platform that allows you to authorise student involvement in activities and excursions. It is also the primary way that you can keep us informed or updated about your child’s medical information.

You can access this system in two ways:

  • Using an email that has been sent to you regarding a specific excursion or event. Click on the link and follow the instructions.
  • Via the link on our website www.nazareth.org.au/consent2go

Optional Tools

Stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Vimeo for a daily dose of engaging content, including exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ glimpses, the latest news, success stories, and celebrations. Families in our social media community are encouraged to engage with us in two-way conversation.

SeeSaw is available for R-6 families, and is a platform used to share student learning with families. On SeeSaw, you can expect photographs of your child’s classroom learning (a minimum of two posts per Term).

Contact Us

Access our key contact numbers and links anytime by navigating to the contact menu on our website, located at the top right on desktop or bottom right on mobile view.

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