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Curriculum & Learning Support

Supporting excellence in teaching and learning.

At Nazareth, our rich curriculum of high intellectual quality is facilitated in a personalised and supportive classroom environment, which creates a climate that values and acknowledges similarities and differences in the school and wider community.

All College Curriculum Handbooks detailing each subject offered at each year level can be accessed on the Curriculum Handbooks page.


Homework tasks assist students in taking responsibility for organising their time and learning opportunities. Children are given tasks to carry out and complete to aid their learning.

Students are expected to spend time on set homework or revision of the day’s learning. In addition to this, students should allocate time for extra study, particularly before major tests and examinations. At Nazareth we expect students to take responsibility for:

  • Reading for pleasure
  • Reviewing material presented in lessons, as instructed by the teacher
  • Completing work not finished in lessons
  • Working consistently on assignments (set over a longer period)
  • Revising for tests

The following times act as a guideline as to what should be anticipated at each year level as an appropriate standard:

  • Reception – Year 2: No longer than 20 minutes
  • Years 3 & 4: Approx. 30 minutes per night
  • Years 5 & 6: Approx. 45 minutes per night
  • Year 7: Maximum 5 hours per week
  • Year 8: Maximum 6 hours per week
  • Year 9: Maximum 6 hours per week
  • Year 10: Maximum 8 hours per week
  • Year 11: Maximum 8 hours per week
  • Year 12: Maximum 10 hours per week

As well as this, students in Year 12 have a supervised study line at the College for homework and assignments.

Completion of Homework

If a student cannot complete set homework, he/she must present a signed explanation from parents/caregivers to the subject/class teacher, or an email notification must be received by the relevant subject teacher from parents/caregivers.

Submission of Work (Years 7-12)

If a student is not able to meet a deadline due to extenuating circumstances, he/she must:

  • Negotiate an extension (using the appropriate form) with the relevant subject teacher before the due date.
  • Bring a signed explanation (using the appropriate form) for the need for an extension from parents/caregivers before the due date;
  • Provide a medical certificate (if required).

In the event that a student has not completed an assessment task for a subject by the deadline, where the student (including drafts and checkpoints) has not sought an extension, a ‘Work Completion’ notification is issued.

The subject teacher completes the Work Completion notification within SEQTA and ensures that the parents are notified of the missed deadline. The student then has until 5.00pm the following school day to submit the task, at which point the task will be assessed and graded without penalty. If the assessment task is not submitted by the new deadline, the Subject Teacher will record ‘incomplete’ into SEQTA which results in a zero grade. Teachers can provide feedback on any work submitted after this final deadline, however, the zero result will stand for formal assessment purposes.

Nazareth has high expectations for all students to be organised, prepared and willing to put effort into their studies. Students experiencing continual difficulties in the meeting of deadlines are encouraged to contact their subject teacher in the first instance and, if required, the Leader of Teaching & Learning or House Leader to discuss the matter further.

Supporting Your Child’s Learning

We encourage all parents/caregivers to take an interest in your child’s learning by listening, talking things over, problem-solving together, encouraging reading and/or suggesting writing. This interest stimulates your child to turn knowledge into action – an ability to think out problems, arrive at informed opinions, communicate effectively, make decisions and take action.

Extra Support & Curriculum Extension

Nazareth aims to cater to a variety of student needs. As an extension to the Curriculum we offer:

  • Academic Support
  • EAL (English as an Additional Language) Support
  • Flexible Learning
  • Gifted and Talented Program
  • Inclusive Education
  • Literacy Support Classes
  • Literacy Intervention: ‘MiniLit’ and ‘MacqLit’ (Findon)
  • Maths Support
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Work Completion Support

Gifted & Talented

Nazareth aims to provide a tailored instructional program to meet the needs of all students who fall under our gifted and talented umbrella. Through the identification and implementation of individual educational experiences and programs, we encourage our students to extend themselves in additional tasks. With small group and/or individual support and intervention, we are able to provide a quality curriculum for our gifted students that is enhanced by an emphasis on critcial, creative and ethical thinking skills.

Enrichment Activities & Competitions

Students at Nazareth have the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities spanning a variety of disciplines. All students are invited and encouraged to engage in as many opportunities as they wish. A small cost is associated with some activities to cover entry costs, and where possible, support is provided to students to provide them with the necessary grounding to ensure success, particularly in competitions.

More information about enrichment activities and competitions can be found under Opportunity.

Co-Curricular Opportunites

At Nazareth students are strongly encouraged to be involved in co-curricular opportunities. It is our belief that co-curricular activities develop positive attitudes, commitment, responsibility, leadership and the ability to work within a team environment. There are many opportunities for extra-curricular involvement.


The Sports Coordinator organises teams, however sport teams can only succeed through the generous support of our coaches who manage the teams. In addition to the extra-curricular sport program, students are involved in several carnivals which form the basis of their physical education skill development lessons.
At all times students and parents are asked to remember that they are representing their school on the sporting field and should therefore act accordingly.

For more information, please visit Sport.


Music at Nazareth is designed to facilitate individual knowledge and skill development as well as social development for our students through their primary and secondary years and beyond. Every primary student has a connection to the music program at Nazareth; either through involvement in an ensemble, choir or instrumental study. This is an important part of life at our College, as we seek to nurture children’s enjoyment and understanding of music. Performances by ensembles, bands and choirs are consistently incorporated into life at Nazareth.

For more information, please visit Music.


A variety of other co-curricular programs are also on offer at Nazareth, from debating, chess and e-sport to pedal prix and more. Further information about co-curricular involvement at Nazareth can be found on the College website.
It is important to note that some co-curricular activities incur additional costs to families (e.g. to participate in co-curricular sports at Nazareth there is an annual ‘pay to play’ fee of $150, and similarly, music band participation may require instrumental hire, which is provided by the College at a cost to families).

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