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Central Administration: 8406 5000
Registrar / Enrolments: 8406 5012

Early Childhood Centre: 8406 5080

Findon Campus:
Primary Years (R-6) Admin: 8406 5100
Absentee Line: 8406 5105
Absentee Email: click here

Flinders Park Campus
7-9 Administration: 8406 5300
Absentee Line: 8406 5305
Absentee Email: click here

Kidman Park Campus
10-12 Administration: 8406 5200
Absentee Line: 8406 5305
Absentee Email: click here

Uniform Shop: 8351 7486
OSHC: 0439 896 557

Administrative Procedures

Family organisation, made easy.

Term Dates, Pupil Free Days & Public Holidays

Term Dates and Pupil Free Day information is available on the College Calendar page of our website.

Please note each year level at the Flinders Park and Kidman Park Campuses will conclude the year at different times. These dates will be communicated with families during the year.

Please remember to always check our College Calendar for updated information regarding all our events.

College Hours

Findon Campus (Reception – Year 6)
First Bell – Students to be in Class
(Teachers on duty from 8:30am)
Recess11:00am – 11:20am
Lunch (Reception – Year 3)12:40pm – 1:20pm
Lunch (Year 4 – Year 6)1:20pm – 2:00pm
(Teachers on duty until 3:30pm)
Visit Out of School Hours Care for OSHC information, including operating hours, booking information and Child Care Subsidy.
Flinders Park Campus (Years 7-9)
MG8:45am – 9:00am
Lesson 19:00am – 9:40am
Lesson 29:40am – 10:20am
Recess10:20am – 10:40am
Lesson 310:40am – 11:20am
Lesson 411:20am – 12:00pm
Movement Time12:00pm – 12:05pm
Lesson 512:05pm – 12:45pm
Lesson 612:45pm – 1:25pm
Lunch1:25pm – 2:05pm
Lesson 72:05pm – 2:45pm
Lesson 82:45pm – 3:25pm
(Teachers on duty until 3:45pm, except specified duties which conclude at 4:05pm)
The Veritas Resource Centre is open from 8:00am – 5:00pm, excluding Friday, when the centre is closed from 4:00pm.
Kidman Park Campus (Years 10-12)
Lesson 18:45am – 9:25am
Lesson 19:25am – 10:05am
Recess10:05am – 10:25am
MG10:25am – 10:45am
Lesson 310:45am – 11:25am
Lesson 411:25am – 12:05pm
Lesson 512:05pm – 12:45pm
Lesson 612:45pm – 1:25pm
Lunch1:25pm – 2:05pm
Lesson 72:05pm – 2:45pm
Lesson 82:45pm – 3:25pm
(Teachers on duty until 3:45pm, except specified duties which conclude at 4:05pm)
The school day at Kidman Park commences at Lesson 1.

Should parents wish to contact their children or a teacher during school hours, they should request this through Student Services.

Findon Campus Student Services: Phone 8406 5110
Flinders Park and Kidman Park Campuses Student Services: Phone 8406 5310

Supervision of Students

Your child’s safety and wellbeing while at school is a priority. Teachers at the Findon Campus supervise children in the yard from 8:30am – 8:50am and from 3:10am – 3:30pm. Parents are responsible for their own children outside of these times. Students who are on site outside of these hours and unsupervised will be placed in OSHC, and charges will apply.

At Flinders Park Campus, the Veritas Resource Centre is open from 8:00am – 5:00pm, excluding Friday, when the centre is closed at 4:00pm. The Veritas Centre is also open during recess and lunch each day for reading, research and personal study.

The school day at Kidman Park Campus commences at Lesson 1. The Campus is open to senior students for quiet study until 5:00pm on Monday – Thursday and until 4:00pm on Fridays.

Recess & Lunch Breaks

There is to be no food or drink on the ovals or tennis courts. Each person is responsible for keeping the areas used clean, tidy and litter-free. In this way we show respect and care for ourselves, for those with whom we share the areas, and for the environment.

Hot/Wet Weather: During days of excessive heat or rain, students can access approved indoor areas.

Student Absentee Procedure

Informing Us Of Absences

If your child is not going to be at school (for any reason), it is imperative that you inform the school by:

Phoning the 24-hour student absentee phone number before 9:00am.
(R-6) Absentee Line: 8406 5105
(7-12) Absentee Line: 8406 5305

OR in a case where you know your child will be absent the following day please inform the teacher and Student Services directly.

Teachers check an electronic class roll. If a student’s name appears without a verified explanation, Student Services will send an SMS to a parent’s/caregiver’s mobile to confirm the absence. Class/Mentor Group teachers will follow up upon the student’s return to school.

Late Arrival Procedures

If a student arrives late (after 8:50am at Findon / after 8:40am at Secondary campuses) students report directly to Student Services to sign in. Failure to do so will result in being marked as absent and may mean that an SMS is sent to the parent’s/caregiver’s mobile phone. Once signed in, the student must go directly to their class.

Leaving During the School Day

We strongly encourage families to arrange appointments outside of school hours.

Students at the Findon Campus are not permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours. Should parents require their child to leave during the school day, they are expected to communicate this request with their child’s class teacher in advance. When picking up your child for an appointment, please proceed to the Campus Reception area. In the event of an early pick-up, we kindly request parents to inform both Student Services and the respective class teacher by calling 8406 5110.

For students in Years 7-12, parents/caregivers may seek permission for their child to depart before the scheduled finish time by contacting Student Services at 8406 5310.

Year 12 Students

Year 12 students have access to greater flexibility than any other year level as a result of their study line. Once granted ‘flex’ permission to do so by their Year 12 Coordinator and parent/caregiver, Year 12 students may arrive late or leave early where their study lessons start or end the day. Year 12 students are not permitted to leave during the middle of the day (i.e. during study lessons or recess and lunch times). A dedicated study area is available to students who have study lessons scheduled during the day and students who have a timetabled study lesson must report to the Study Room.

Year 12 students and their families should be advised that these arrangements are a privilege designed to prepare our senior students for life beyond secondary schooling. Students who do not adhere to College expectations will have this privilege withdrawn. Please note that students are not permitted to leave College grounds at any other time throughout the school day (unless Leaving During the School Day procedures, as outlined above, have been followed).

Extended Absence

At Nazareth we believe a student’s development for life beyond school will be enhanced through the promotion of the common courtesies of punctuality, attendance, work completion and meeting personal responsibilities.

It is important therefore that we ask families who choose to have their child stay away from the College for a period of one week or more to inform the Principal in writing, outlining the reason for the student’s extended absence.

From time to time families inform us that their child will be absent from the College for an extended period of time for reasons such as interstate or overseas holidays, family reasons or involvement in sporting competitions (State/National Representation).

Issues arise from these extended absences which are varied and dependent on the length of time missed, the year level of the student and the nature of the subject in the learning program. Whilst the College understands there are many reasons why parents/caregivers would take their children out of school during term time, it is important to note that in some situations this may have a significant impact on the child’s learning.

Our experience clearly shows us that from the moment a student stays away from the College for extended periods, there will be increasing problems with that student’s ability to cope with the demands of their studies. This is especially the case at Year 12. The impact of missing work has the potential for negative consequences to the continuity of the learning program offered and may lead to essential assessment items missing for grading and reporting purposes. At Year 11 and 12, parents/caregivers need to be aware that missed work may affect SACE outcomes, in particular where assessment components require a satisfactory achievement standard.

The College requires that in all circumstances of extended absence, parents/caregivers initiate contact with the College and advise the length of absence and the impact on the student’s learning program.

We ask that parents/caregivers complete our online Notification of Student Extended Absence from School form. This form will be sent directly to the relevant Student Services team.

In Years 7-12, we expect that students will:

  • inform their subject teachers of the absence
  • ensure they are aware of the topics/concepts they are missing in any summative assessments
  • where possible, complete work to keep up to date with the learning plan
  • and negotiate any extension for summative assessment where applicable through the correct protocol.

Information & Change of Details

It is critical that the information we have about your child is accurate and current. Student Services must be notified of any changes, particularly changes to address (temporary or permanent) and phone numbers – to avoid any unnecessary confusion when contacting you.

The parents/caregivers of all new students will be sent a link to an Online Family Information Form, which will provide us with a comprehensive set of information in relation to your child. This form only needs to be completed once. After that (and for existing students), changes to details are maintained through our online consent form and student medical information software, Consent2Go.

Information regarding your child can be updated through Consent2Go in the following ways:

  • Through the “update profile” invitations that are sent from the College via email from time to time
  • When responding to an event/excursion invitation for your child. This will update the information held about your child in our database
  • Via the link: Consent2Go | Nazareth Catholic Community

You will need to enter a valid email address associated with a student to receive a profile update invitation.

Please note that by default, parents and caregivers can only view their own contact details concerning their child and not any other parent/caregivers associated with the child. If you would like the details of the other parent/caregivers to be visible, you can request this by contacting Student Services.

Student ID Cards

Early in the year, each student will be issued with a Student Identification Card. This card is valid for the school year and must be presented when borrowing books, for textbook hire and when using public transport, to enable students to access concession fares.

The initial cost of this card is covered by the College. However, if the card is lost, stolen or mutilated, students will be required to pay $10 for a replacement card which will take approximately one week to re-issue.

It is important to note that students aged 15 years and over must produce their school ID card immediately upon request, when travelling on a bus, train or tram at any time. Failure to do this may result in the regular full fare being charged and an Expiation Notice (‘on the spot fine’) may be issued (current fine is $190).

These cards expire on February 28 each year. Photos for Nazareth Student Identification Cards are taken in early November and students are issued with their new card when they commence school the following year.

New students commencing at Nazareth will have their photo taken as soon as possible after commencing. This photo will then be forwarded for processing and the card will be issued approximately two weeks later.

Locks, Lockers & FOBS

All new students to the Flinders Park Campus are expected to purchase the approved combination lock which is a compulsory item on the booklist. Locks are distributed to students by the school at the beginning of Term 1 and provide security for the student’s possessions. Students select their own code and should not disclose their combination to other students. Lockers are to be kept locked at all times. New locks can be purchased from the Veritas Centre at a cost of $35, including 12 months warranty (with the exclusion of the lock being damaged, including by being dropped).

Students attending the Kidman Park Campus will be allocated a locker with an in-built combination lock, and a fob for access to the building. Access fobs are issued along with laptops and chargers, and should they be misplaced, will incur a $10 replacement fee. We ask that students inform the IT team immediatley if they believe their fob has been lost or stolen.

Lost Property

Lost property is collected near Student Services. Any unclaimed articles will be washed and donated to children in need at the end of the term.

Student Use of Gymnasiums

Our gyms are closed to all students before school. Students are permitted to access the gym to play sport during recess and lunch breaks, providing the following rules are followed:

  • No spectators
  • No loitering unless participating – students to engage in safe, game-based play
  • No ball games that require kicking
  • No food or drink
  • Any equipment borrowed must be from the specified bins
  • ID exchanged for equipment (Years 7-12)
  • ID will be re-issued to student when equipment is returned (Years 7-12)

Toys, Games & Electronic Devices

Please do not send toys, balls etc to school with your child. Bringing things from home often causes unnecessary problems if they are broken, lost or stolen. Nazareth recognises the need for some students to have access to a mobile phone at times. However, between school hours, students are not permitted to use their phones. Our Mobile Phone and Electronic Devices Policy is available on the Policies, Forms & Documents page of the website. Mobile phones will be confiscated if students breach this policy. This policy also applies to other electronic devices e.g. iPod, Nintendo, etc.

Student Acceptable Use of Technology

We acknowledge the increasing use of Information and Communication Technologies as a learning and business tool in schools. With access to these resources comes both privileges and responsibilities. Nazareth expects technology to be used in a safe, responsible, respectful and ethical manner at all times. All students sign Acceptable Use Agreement. Full details about this can be accessed on the Policies, Forms & Documents page of the website.

School Loan Devices

A ‘One to One Device’ program for students from Reception to Year 12 at Nazareth provides students quality, contemporary world teaching and learning. The cost of the school loan device is included in the tuition fee.

Students from Reception to Year 3 have access to iPads. Students from Years 4-12 receive HP laptops.

Devices remain the property of Nazareth, and will be managed by the College Computer Network Team. At the request of the College, students may be required to return their laptop and all associated accessories at the end of the year for maintenance/rollover. When students leave the College they are required to return their laptop in full working order with all associated accessories.

As a result of these School Loan Devices (SLD) teaching and learning will be enhanced by:

  • Enabling access to technology at every lesson
  • Having increased access to information
  • Allowing the use of online resources and subject software
  • Facilitating student-centred learning
  • Increasing student and teacher communication and feedback
  • Allowing students to draft, edit and publish their work at any time
  • Facilitating self-directed and self-managed learning
  • Developing a real-world learning experience in our digital age

Full details of the policies and procedures surrounding School Loan Devices can be accessed on the Policies, Forms & Documents page of the website. Information is provided to families in Term 4 each year, to outline the program, policies and procedures in preparation for the following year.

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