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Tuition Timetables and Forms

Instrumental tuition is available to our students for a range of instruments including:

Bassoon Guitar (Acoustic) Saxophone (Alto) Viola
Cello Guitar (Bass) Saxophone (Baritone) Violin
Clarinet Guitar (Electric) Saxophone (Tenor) Voice
Drums/Percussion Oboe Trombone  
Flute Piano Trumpet  

Instrumental tuition can be arranged through our music office, and is mostly conducted during school hours. Our individual practice rooms with the music suite facilities on both campuses provide the perfect setting for your child. Our instrumental music policy details many aspects of the music program including instrumental tuition and is completed together with the enrolment form.   

Private music tuition fees are additional to school fees. Instrumental and vocal lessons are open to all students. Lessons are offered on a rotating basis during the school day for 30 minutes per lesson per week (at Secondary) or at a set time as discussed with the classroom teacher (at Primary). Student studying music as a subject from Year 8 onwards are expected to have instrumental lessons.