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Nazareth Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2019 and Beyond

During 2018 all the Nazareth Community teams identified goals from the Strategic Plan that would guide their work during 2019 and beyond. A community wide consultation was conducted to inform the development of a ‘Statement of Purpose’ for Nazareth Catholic Community. The statement: "We are Called to Love One Another" has been integrated into our Strategic Plan for 2019 and beyond. 

Our 2019 design has evolved from our 2016-2018 plan, where we continue to aim for symbolism that is continually being recontextualised for our community. 

Annual Reports

Download our Annual Reports using the links below. These reports provide background to the goals undertaken and outcomes that were achieved through strategic directions for the future, key achievements, data analysis, SACE results, NAPLAN data, staff profile, financial reports and more.

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

Annual Report to Community (School Context Information)

For the 2020 Annual Report for Community (School Context Information)

please click here.

Annual Improvement Plan

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Making A Community That Hums

Nazareth Catholic Community - 10 Years On 

2016 Research Report 

This report is based on the findings of a qualitative study which examined how Nazareth developed an integrated school, community and faith-based organisation which has stayed as an model of community over time. 

Aspire Magazine

At Nazareth, we aspire to create a life-giving experience of our Catholic faith that is relevant in our contemporary world.

Our Aspire Magazines highlights some of the most powerful and relevant ways we do this, through service to others.


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Aspire Archive:

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