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Inspiring Minds: Enhancing Teaching Practices and Community Wellbeing with Madhavi Nawana Parker

At the recent Findon Campus Staff Formation Day, teaching and education support staff were captivated and inspired by Madhavi Nawana Parker, an enthusiastic and relatable presenter from Positive Minds Australia. The focus of the day was on the “What’s the Buzz?” program, an internationally acclaimed evidence-based approach for teaching young people social and emotional intelligence, created by Madhavi and her colleague Mark Le Messurier.
Madhavi’s session proved to be a great source of empowerment and encouragement, reinforcing the value of the work Nazareth staff already do, while offering insights into how we can continuously improve. The importance of connection and contribution to life in and beyond the classroom was emphasised, highlighting the positive impact of building strong and positive relationships.
Madhavi shared many ideas that could easily be incorporated into classroom practices, all aimed at supporting and nurturing the social and emotional well-being of the children under our care at Nazareth, whilst also building on our own wellbeing.
After experiencing the insights and benefits of Madhavi’s teachings, we are eager for parents and caregivers to have the same opportunity for an engaging educational session. Please stay tuned to the Nazareth Newsletter for information about an upcoming ‘Positive Minds Parent Presentation’ which will provide strategies for you to support your child’s social and emotional growth at home.
At Nazareth we are committed to fostering an environment that prioritises the wellbeing of all in our community, and events like our Staff Formation Days play a vital role in achieving this goal. 


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