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‘Old Gold’ Graduate Story: Pan Katranis (2016)

Pan Katranis (2016) after graduating started studying IT and Business at the University of South Australia, decided IT wasn’t for him. He now works in Residential and Commercial Sales and Leasing and became a licensed auctioneer after he undertook his Real Estate License (Diploma of Property Services Agency Management).

Pan explains “Work and life are essentially one. A lot of my job is connecting with people and creating relationships.”

“Working almost straight away out of high school has its benefits, but it’s a completely different lifestyle to when you are studying. I think the connections you make along the way are the highlight of my career as I’ve made some lifelong friends through my line of work.”

During his time at Nazareth, Pan was interested in working in IT, however, once he started studying at University “I realised very quickly that this wasn’t what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my career.”

He shares, “transitioning from high school to university was easy. However, the hard thing was not seeing everyone I had grown up with for 5 years daily like I did in high school.”

“Although you have a lot more freedom and time to make money which is exciting especially when you’re so young.”

“The most important skill I’ve learned in the workforce is the ability to communicate with different people. Your ability to communicate with people your age is one thing but then your ability to communicate with people of different backgrounds, ages, and life experiences is a completely different ball game.”

What’s next for Pan is to continue what his doing: “I’m quite content with the life I currently live”.

“More travel is on the cards, though as an 8-week Europe trip opened my eyes to the world.”

“I’m very happy with the career I’m in currently and can’t see anything changing for the foreseeable future. I would like to conduct a few auctions soon.”

The advice Pan would tell himself and current students is to “do what you want to do. Don’t let someone else live their dreams through you. University is obviously where most people strive to be but being happy in your profession is the most important thing to a happy life as you grow older.

He continues “Do heaps of travel, see the world, speak to people you wouldn’t usually speak to and eat food you usually wouldn’t eat. It’ll help you grow as a person.”


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