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Year 10 Pathways & Partnerships: Enriching Day at Flinders University

In a day filled with inspiration and aspiration, Year 10 students from Nazareth embarked on an excursion to Flinders University last week as part of the Enrichment Program.

The initiative, driven by Nazareth’s commitment to ‘Pathways and Partnerships’ and the ‘Exploring Identities and Futures (EIF)’ subject, aimed to provide students with insights into higher education and potential career paths.

This eye-opening experience was a chance for students to immerse themselves in the life of a university student and gain a glimpse into various disciplines, helping them to chart their own academic and professional journeys.

Before the event, students engaged in preparation activities within their EIF classes and were given the opportunity to express their interest in one of six different disciplines, including:

  • Business, Law, and Government
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Education, Psychology, and Social Work
  • Medicine and Public Health
  • Sciences and Engineering
  • Nursing and Health Sciences

Fifty-five eager students were selected to participate in the program and visited Flinders University’s Bedford Park and Sturt campuses. During their visit, they engaged in a series of information sessions and hands-on activities, which aligned with their chosen disciplines.

The day kicked off in lecture theatres, where current university students shared their personal journeys transitioning from high school to university. These insightful discussions included the challenges they encountered, tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and anecdotes that brought the university experience to life. Nazareth students were also provoked to think about what it means to be ‘fearless’ in education, including taking risks, stepping outside of their comfort zone, and being open to new ways of learning.

The Flinders University Enrichment Program was a day of profound learning and self-discovery. For some students, it confirmed their desire to pursue a university education. Others found clarity in deciding that university might not be their path. And yet another group was inspired to explore further and immerse themselves in a broader range of experiences.

At Nazareth, we are committed to empowering students with the knowledge and experiences they need to make informed decisions about their futures. As the Year 10 students return to their classrooms, they carry with them the spark of inspiration, newfound insights, and a deeper understanding of their own potential. Thank you to Flinders University for inviting us to take part in the Enrichment Program.


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