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Our Nazareth Newsletter is published every Wednesday evening during the school term.

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Aspire_ED7_Cover_web icon.jpg

Aspire Magazine

Aspire is our bi-annual Community publication showcasing and celebrating the people, activities and programs that make our Community unique. 

Edition 1 

Edition 2 

Edition 3 

Edition 4 

Edition 5 

Edition 6 

Edition 7 - Available now!

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Making A Community That Hums

Nazareth Catholic Community - 10 Years On 

2016 Research Report 

This report is based on the findings of a qualitative study which examined how Nazareth developed an integrated school, community and faith-based organisation which has stayed as an model of community over time. 

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Nazareth Catholic Community Annual Report

2017 Annual Report 

This document includes Reports from College, Early Childhood Centre, Community Development & Pastoral Services and Operations teams. 

Each report identifies the goals undertaken and the outcomes that were achieved.

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Nazareth Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2016 - 2018

During 2015 all the Nazareth Community teams identified goals from the Strategic Plan that would guide their work during 2015. Over the five years of the Strategic Plan, all goals were actioned through Annual Plans.

Handbooks & Exam Timetables

For Curriculum Handbooks and Year 10 and 11 Exam Timetables, please visit the Teaching & Learning page on our website. 

Annual Report to Community (School Context Information)

For the Annual Report for Community (School Context Information) please access here