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By enrolling at Nazareth, your whole-of-life journey with us begins.

Families seeking a Catholic coeducation and care experience for their children are invited to submit applications now.

How to Enrol

Nazareth works in partnership with families to ensure the successful learning, wellbeing and spiritual development of each and every student. 

By enrolling at Nazareth, your whole-of-life journey with us begins. 

Please ensure you read our Enrolment Criteria listed below. Read more about our Enrolment Application Process here. 

  • We are currently taking applications for Reception 2024 and beyond.
  • We currently have positions available across all enrolment priority/criteria areas for Year 7 2022 and beyond.  

If you are interested in enrolling your child at either Nazareth Catholic College or Nazareth Early Childhood Centre, you can either:

Application Submission Due Dates

Apply Now!

  • We are currently taking enrolment applications for Reception 2024. 
  • We have positions available across all enrolment priority/criteria areas for Year 7 2022 and beyond.  

Please contact our Registrar if you wish to discuss enrolments outside of these years. 

It is imperative that an enrolment application form is completed for each child in your family, including siblings of those students already attending Nazareth Catholic College. 

Nazareth offers a mid-year intake for Reception. For details on the age range that applies for this intake, please scroll to the information at the bottom of this page. 


Commencement Year

Application Submission Due Date

Reception, 2024
Reception Mid-Year 2023

10 December 2021

Reception, 2025
Reception Mid-Year 2024

16 December 2022



Commencement Year

Application Submission Due Date

Year 7 2022 & 2023

Positions available and currently accepting applications from all criteria areas 

Year 7, 2024

End of Year 4
10 December 2021

Year 7, 2025

End of Year 4
16 December 2022

Enrolment Criteria

Enrolment Criteria for Reception and Year 7

At Nazareth, the two main entry points into the College are Reception and Year 7. The following criteria are applicable for applications for these two year levels. To be assessed under these criteria, applications must be submitted and received by the applicable date listed above. The date of application may come into effect in conjunction with these criteria when enrolment applications exceed the number of places available.

Reception and Year 7 Enrolment Priority:

  1. Siblings of Children attending Nazareth Catholic College
  2. Children attending Catholic Schools (Year 7 entry only) 
  3. Children who are baptised into the Catholic faith
  4. Children currently attending the Early Childhood Centre (Reception Entry only)
  5. Children of past students of Nazareth Catholic College (est 2007)
  6. Families seeking a Catholic education for their children.


All Other Enrolment Year Levels:

Offers for applications from families seeking enrolments in other year levels, as well as applications lodged after the application closing date will be made at the discretion of the Principal in conjunction with the Director if and when positions become available.

Year 7 Enrolment Reminder


Reception Mid Year Intake Dates

Nazareth offers a mid-year intake at Reception. Below are the age ranges that apply for this intake for the future. 

Term 3 2022 Mid-Year Intake (1/5/2017 - 31/10/2017)

Term 3 2023 Mid-Year Intake (1/5/2018 - 31/10/2018)

Term 3 2024 Mid-Year Intake (1/5/2019 - 31/10/2019)

Check out our Enrolment Calendar for your child's commencement year based on their birth date.