Partners in Education

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ecc - your family.JPG

Your Family

Reflecting our vision to 'connect family, faith and education', we recognise families as providing a child's first and ongoing experience of love, faith and learning, and therefore nurture the partnership between families, the community and learning. 

At Nazareth Catholic Community, we recognise that families are the first educators, and you share with us the responsibility for children's development, learning and wellbeing.  

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Our Educators

Our rooms are staffed with University qualified Early Childhood Education teachers, and educators with a Diploma and/or Certificate III in Early Years Education and Care. 

Our educators work alongside children as they grow so that they develop skills and emotional capacity that will enable them to flourish 

We provide a supportive, caring work environment that acknowledges and utilises personal and professional skills and talents. Professional learning is built into the working week and continual learning and development is expected. 

Nazareth Catholic College

Located on the Nazareth Catholic Community's Findon Campus, allows the centre access to many specialist and unique facilities. These include 

  • Library and Resource Centre
  • Large Play spaces, oval, playgrounds, sand pit, multipurpose hall, hard court spaces
  • Specialist lessons in Italian (Romero Room) and Music (all rooms) 
  • Specialised sporting equipment 
  • Catherine Community Cafe 
  • Catherine Community Centre 
  • Community Services programs (Playgroups)
  • Our Lady of the Manger Church 

Our children are invited to join in the College celebrations, each year we attend and host a Mass with the entire community, we are invited to primary college assemblies and liturgies, and we participate in events such as Book Week and Carnevale. 


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Flinders University

We have a unique and valuable professional partnership with Flinders University through their Occupational Therapy, Dietetics & Nutrition and Speech Pathology programs. This provides for both the centre and families expert observations, assessment and direction for not only early intervention, but proactive development. Through this partnership we are able to develop strategies to support children's overall development.