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We stay connected after graduation... at Nazareth what feels like the end is only the beginning!

The Transition to Life resource works to create an easy, supportive and resourceful space to provide you with the information you need as you embark on your journey of success, regardless of what stage of life you are experiencing. 

Transition to Life

Staying Connected

Our aim is for Nazareth Graduates and old scholars, their families and other community members to remain engaged and connected to the life of our community.

There are a range of connection points between graduates and the community with many new and exciting opportunities being developed continually. These opportunities include but are not limited to, attending traditional Nazareth community events, academic tutoring and mentoring current students, sports coaching, outreach, assisting with and attending retreats, involvement in sports carnivals, work experience.

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Volunteering & Work Experience

We offer our graduates a number of regular volunteer opportunities including: