"Once children see themselves as authors and inventors, once they are helped to discover the pleasure of inquiry, their motivation and interest explode" Loris Malaguzzi

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Developing natural curiosity

Our Nazareth Early Childhood Centre - Romero Room runs a Universal Access approved Kindergarten during school hours and terms. Our primary aim in this room is to have each child flourish to be the person God intended them to be. The program is interactive and engaging whilst developing children's natural curiosity and skills. Children can be a member of the Romero Room community by being enrolled in Kindy (KD), long day care (FD- Full Day) or a mixture of the two (KD & FD). During the school holidays we provide a more relaxed day. 

To enhance a child's learning and belonging, children enrolled for their 15 hours (2 days) government funded Kindy must attend on two consecutive days. This enables them to build strong connections with other children, consistently work on projects and develop good educational practices to support them in their school transition. 

The structure and implementation of our curriculum is underpinned by Belonging, Being and Becoming, the National Early Learning Framework for children from birth to five years. Each year children are involved in a number of incursions and excursions and we pride ourselves on offering a diverse and rich curriculum. 

What Makes us Different?

Education - Connection - Partnerships


  • We employ two registered teachers who hold a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education qualification
  • Our centre has a strong connection with the Nazareth Primary College. We access the College for Italian, Music and library lessons. The children also participate in events such as Book Week and Carnevale. 
  • Our professional relationship with Flinders University provides us with both support and assessments by Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians and Physiotherapists.