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Nazareth Catholic College (Reception to Year 12)

We work in partnership with families to ensure the successful learning, wellbeing and spiritual development of each and every student.

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Contemporary Education

At Nazareth, we embrace a contemporary approach to faith and learning, where innovation, technology and our environment enable both students and staff to be at the forefront of education.

Our curriculum and programs cultivate the natural curiosity of our young people, developing their skills to become inquirers, as well as showcasing their individual abilities and unique interests and preparing them for lifelong learning.

Students have the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities spanning a variety of learning areas. All students are invited and encouraged to engage in these activities. Learning areas include Digital Technologies, Humanities,  English, Languages, Mathematics, Science and general areas such as public

Whilst literacy and numeracy are the essence of all learning programs across the continuum of our R-12 College, we provide authentic experiences to engage students in learning, appropriate to each stage of their development.

Students are at the centre of all programs and are encouraged to nurture their God-given talents in areas of interest, thus providing an opportunity for active participation in their learning.

Our community is based on a partnership between the College, your child and your family. Students and their families have access to real-time information on attendance, pending school work, marked assessments, student reports and
teacher assessment plans through our SEQTA platform.


Our Learning Philosophy

As Nazareth Catholic Community we recognise and honour each individual’s unique gifts and potential. Guided by our call to “love one another” we aspire to be thriving people, capable learners, leaders for the world God desires.

As Nazareth Catholic Community we nurture active citizens and innovative learners through the use of intentional and contemporary approaches, which honour each individual’s learning journey.

As Nazareth Catholic Community we design collaborative, meaningful and future-focused opportunities which encourage each individual to take ownership of their learning.

As Nazareth Catholic Community we create inclusive learning environments which inspire and enrich learning experiences and foster a sense of belonging.

As Nazareth Catholic Community we encourage all learners to evaluate their understanding and seek authentic opportunities to demonstrate, share and celebrate their learning achievements.