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Digital Technologies

We are committed to preparing our students for a fast-paced digital future.

We have focused our attention on integrating the digital technologies curriculum into various learning areas and have developed a range of resources to support the development of technological skills.

We provide all students at Nazareth Catholic College with a one-to-one device to support their learning and develop the necessary skills needed from a foundation level.

In the early years, students are exposed to unplugged activities and basic coding through Bee-Bots, Dash Bots, and OSMO and we provide students with the knowledge needed to stay safe online. Throughout the middle and upper primary curriculum, students move to a more complex form of coding and gain experience in 3D printing, drone flying, and are provided with opportunities to explore website design and artificial intelligence technologies later in their educational journey with us. 

Our Digital Technologies Scope and Sequence ensures that all students at Nazareth are provided with hands-on, authentic experiences to engage safely in the Digital Technologies curriculum, providing them with the ongoing skills and attributes needed to be successful in our constantly changing world.

Creative learners, future leaders.

Borrow from us, free of charge.

Digital Technology Kits

Excited to teach the Digital Technologies curriculum, but in need of resources?

Nazareth Catholic College is pleased to provide Catholic Education teachers in South Australia with free access to resource kits to support the teaching of Digital Technologies and ICT in the classroom.

These kits can be borrowed for up to 4 weeks. To book a kit, please contact Olivia Abarno (Leader of Teaching and Learning: Digital Technologies).