We cultivate the natural curiosity of children, developing their skills to become enquirers.

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Successful learning for all

Nazareth Catholic College promotes a partnership of learning which involves the students, the College and the family. Our focus is successful learning for all. Nazareth Catholic College values the wellbeing of all.

We hope that your association with us will be a time of creative learning, happiness and friendship. 

Our Mission 'inspired by Jesus of Nazareth and our Patrons, we are people of justice, each committed to building community, nourishing family life and making the world a better place' underpins all aspects of curriculum.

Reflecting our vision to ‘connect family, faith and education’, we recognise families as providing a child’s first and ongoing experience of love, faith and learning and, therefore, nurture the partnership between families, the community and learning.

The college’s learning and physical design have been based on the core belief which have at their centre, a focus on student centred teaching and learning, lifelong learning, the interconnectedness of knowledge and the importance of human communication in all its forms.