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Safer Communities

Keeping our community safe is our priority.

As our local streets become busier, we remind our community of our mutual responsibility when using our shared traffic zones, and the expectations of driver and pedestrian behaviour to ensure the safety of all.

Below are key areas to be aware of across our locations. Please use the maps and information below to farmiliarise yourself with the loal streets, traffic zones and expectations.


There is limited parking in our campus car parks, and it is important to note that these spaces are not only used by College families but are also used for families and community members attending other community activities. Please ensure you have your permit displayed if you use the  disabled parking spaces within any of our car parks.

Findon Campus (ECC & R-6 College)

Early Childhood Centre

The Early Childhood Centre (ECC) car park is only for families picking up and dropping off children who attend the ECC. Under no circumstances should this be used by families with children who do not attend the centre.

Should you have children who attend the ECC and the Findon Campus, you may use the ECC car park for dropping off and collecting your children. However, we ask that you do not leave your car parked in the ECC car park and walk into the College to drop off or collect your children.

Kiss 'n Drop Zones

The Findon Campus has two Kiss ‘n Drop zones; one at the front of the campus, off Crittenden Rd and the other at the back of the campus on Almond Avenue.

These zones only legally operate as Kiss ‘n Drop zones between 8:30 am – 8:50 am and 3:10 pm – 3:30 pm. Stopping in either of these zones during the above times is illegal, may attract an infringement notice, and can cause traffic flow disruption.

Prior to 3:10 pm, the Crittenden Road Kiss ‘n Drop is a bus zone, meaning there is no standing/stopping/waiting in the slip lane. Should the slip lane be full, you would be required to go around the block and attempt to access the slip lane again.

Approaching the Almond Avenue Kiss ‘n Drop zone from Amanda Avenue is a ‘no stopping or parking zone’. If you pull over to the side of the road and stop, even if you are in your car, you are in breach of the road rules.

When traffic is waiting to use the Kiss ‘n Drop zone on Almond Avenue – do not drive on the opposite side of the road to pass. This is extremely dangerous for all community members.


How to Use the Kiss 'n Drop

Please go to the furthest part of the Kiss ‘n Drop area to allow more cars to enter the area and improve traffic flow.

The Crittenden Road Kiss ‘n Drop area begins at the front car park.

The Kiss ‘n Drop area at Almond Avenue begins just back from the corner of Esk Street.

Please ensure your child enters and exits the vehicle from the left-hand side only and does so promptly.

Please ensure that when leaving the Kiss ‘n Drop area, you are aware of cars that may be behind or next to you.

Parking in Local Streets near Findon Campus

We encourage families to park in the surrounding streets and walk into the campus to collect or drop off children. Surrounding streets are Esk St, Lucas St, Almond Ave (between Lillian and Amanda Ave only), Amanda Ave, Lillian Ave, Whimpress Ct and Crittenden Rd. This is less than a 200m walk from vehicle to campus in most cases.

Please be aware of parking restrictions in some of these streets.

Please ensure you park correctly – not obscuring driveways or other vehicles.

Flinders Park Campus & St Gabriel Centre

Carpark Drop Off

The Flinders Park Campus car park has a 10km/h speed limit - an important reminder to those travelling through to ensure the safety of students, staff, and other motorists.

Student drop-off and pick up should be from the designated left lane in the car park. Furthermore, we ask that students exit their vehicles from the left-hand side only to avoid traffic in the right-hand lane of the car park.

Parents waiting for 3:25 pm dismissal are to park in a vacant car space within the car park where possible.

Alternative Student Drop Off Locations

Families are to use only the Northern boundary Kiss ‘n Drop slip lane, on the Hartley Road side of the Flinders Park Campus, before and after school.

The surrounding streets where families could consider dropping off their children to walk into the two main entrances are:

Hartley Road Main Entrance

  • North Boundary Streets: Blake St, Greville Ave, Howard St, Collingwood Ave, Flinders Pde
  • East Boundary Streets: Beatty St, Mountbatten Tce, Sherriff St, Cranbrook Ave

Southern Entry Gate (off Linear Park)

  • South and West Boundary Streets: Gaskin St, Weemala St, Wirringga St, Parukala St

Parking in Local Streets near Flinders Park Campus

Please be aware of parking restrictions in neighbouring streets.

Please ensure you park correctly – not obscuring driveways or other vehicles.

An important reminder to those travelling around the Flinders Park Campus surrounding streets to please abide by the 40km speed limit for the Charles Sturt Council to ensure the safety of students, staff, and other motorists.

The streets surrounding the St Gabriel Centre are within the West Torrens Council and have a 50km speed limit - an important reminder to those travelling to ensure the safety of students, staff, local residents and other motorists.

Alternative Transport for 7-12 Students

Consider bus routes that drop students off at stops along Holbrooks and Hartley Roads. Information about these routes can be found in our R-12 Parent Handbook.

Consider your child cycling to the Flinders Park Campus or St Gabriel Centre. We provide significant bike rack space at both sites. This area is secured and monitored by video surveillance.