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Your Story, Our Story.

This week, communities around South Australia are celebrating the impact of Catholic Education in shaping young hearts and minds for Catholic Education Week.

Catholic Education Week is not just about recognising the outstanding teaching and learning that occurs at Nazareth; it’s also about celebrating the unique stories that shape our community.

We are proud to embrace the diversity of our community and the thousands of individual narratives that weave together to form our collective story of connecting faith, family, and education.

Below are just a few of these stories, gathered this week to highlight why we #LoveOurCatholicSchool.

Meet Olivia Bordignon

Olivia Bordignon is a passionate educator and proud Nazareth graduate from the class of 2011. With a deep commitment to nurturing young minds, Olivia now finds herself in her tenth year as a dedicated teacher at Nazareth, where she once walked as a student.

Olivia reflects on the symmetry in her career – transitioning from student to teacher in the place that shaped her own academic path.

She shares, “I was actually on the Findon Campus for one year while the Flinders Park Campus was being developed, and my current Year 6 classroom is the old Siena Building!”

Olivia speaks passionately about the unwavering support she received from Nazareth during her time as a student and how that same sense of community and support continues to be true today.

“At Nazareth, it’s all about connection – we are all connected” Olivia shares warmly. “Community is at the heart of everything we do here, and that’s what sets us apart.”

To learn more about Olivia’s story, check out this week’s “Old Gold Graduate Feature” on our website.

Meet Sargunpreet Kaur

Sargunpreet is a vibrant and driven Year 12 student whose Nazareth story started back in 2016 when she first stepped onto the Findon Campus as a Year 4 student.

Originally from India, Sargun’s family made the courageous move to Australia, seeking new opportunities and a fresh start. Little did they know that their decision would lead them to find a new sense of home and community at Nazareth.

Reflecting on her time at Nazareth, Sargun expresses deep gratitude for the warmth her family has received.

“Being part of Nazareth has been a great experience for me and my family,” she shares.

She continues, “The opportunities here have extended far beyond academics and have allowed personal growth and for me to form lasting friendships. Within the larger Nazareth community, I’ve found my place within many groups. Whether it’s through sports teams or volunteer activities, I’ve discovered a sense of belonging which has allowed me to form many connections within the community.”

As she prepares for life after graduation from Nazareth, Sargun reflects on her time at school with fondness and gratitude.

“If I were to describe Nazareth in just a few words, I’d say it’s a place of warmth, inclusivity, and endless opportunities for growth. It’s a community where everyone is valued, supported, and encouraged to reach their full potential”.

Meet Chris Spry

Chris is a new member of the Nazareth community this year, appointed as the 7-9 Innovation Coach at the Flinders Park Campus.

With a wealth of experience gained over 18 years in various leadership roles at St Columba College and a tenure at Xavier College, Chris brings a rich wealth of knowledge and passion to his role as a teacher at Nazareth.

Reflecting on his transition to Nazareth, Chris expresses gratitude for the warm reception he has received since joining our community.

“I feel blessed to have been provided with an opportunity to play a role at Nazareth” he shares.

It is such a welcoming and inviting environment, with staff going out of their way to ensure I have felt supported and valued. Nazareth has a certain ‘buzz’, providing staff and students with many diverse opportunities and experiences which excites me for the future.

Despite the inevitable challenges of stepping into a new environment, Chris has settled in at Nazareth smoothly.

“Being the ‘new’ member of any team can be challenging, yet establishing friendships and finding my way has thankfully been a relatively straightforward process. The general outgoing and inclusive nature of staff has resulted in me feeling very much at home within my subjects and in the wider school environment. I am enjoying the camaraderie that exists within my office and the positive relationships I have been able to establish with my students,” he shares.

For Chris, the allure of Nazareth has been in its dynamic and diverse offerings, “There’s something for everyone here”.

Meet the Anastasopoulos Family

The Anastasopoulos family are also recent newcomers to Nazareth. Their eldest daughter, Ava, began her Nazareth journey in 2023, entering Year 7, while her younger sister, Mila, commenced this year in Year 4 at the Findon Campus.

Reflecting on their experience so far, Mum, Leah, shares warmly, “Since joining the Nazareth community, we have been welcomed with incredible warmth and a feeling of genuine care from all staff and families we have had the pleasure of meeting.”

Settling into Nazareth has been a positive experience for the Anastasopoulos family, particularly with Mila finding her niche within the netball community. “We’ve discovered our place within the netball community,” Leah shares.

 “Coming to Nazareth has been the best decision for our little family”.

Meet Tanya Laird

Tanya is a cherished member of our parent community, whose Nazareth story spans over a decade. Tanya’s decision to become part of the Nazareth family was a pivotal moment for her, making the move from interstate with her eldest daughter Grace, over 10 years ago.

“We left our family and friends behind so coming to Nazareth and being welcomed in the community all those years ago was very special,” shares Tanya.

Grace, who graduated in 2023, started at Nazareth in Year 3, marking the beginning of their family’s deep connection to our community.

Tanya fondly remembers the cherished moments spent weekly at playgroup with her younger daughters, Allara (currently in Year 5) and Brooklyn (currently in Year 3).

“Playgroup became a huge part of our life, as it meant I was able to build on relationships and have a friendly face to engage with and have a coffee. These things may seem small, however not having any family here, it allowed me to build foundations for further connections for myself and my family,” she shares. 

As Allara and Brooklyn transitioned into the primary school, Tanya’s engagement with Nazareth only strengthened through active involvement in school activities and events.

“Our family has found our place here at Nazareth, as we have formed some wonderful connections and built beautiful friendships. It is a caring and supportive community that has embraced our family, and we are forever grateful,” she says. 

Meet the Franze Family

For the Franze family, their journey with Nazareth is deeply linked with their Catholic faith and the nurturing environment it provides for their children. For the Franzes, Nazareth isn’t just a school – it’s a place where their family values and beliefs are reinforced and celebrated.

With their three daughters connected across Primary school, the Early Childhood Centre and Playgroup, they are forming close bonds and lifelong connections.

Reflecting on their experience, Mum Madeleine expresses gratitude for the boundless opportunities Nazareth has afforded their children.

“The opportunities provided are endless with our children, as they have developed so much over the past few years. The time and care the teachers spend with the children is evident as we can see at home the advantages that it has brought through their knowledge, words and actions.” 

The ECC has been particularly significant in their story. “Our children love attending the ECC and school. The ECC has made the transition into primary school easier with regular excursions and visits to the primary school for a play at the playground”. 

Within the Nazareth community, Madeleine describes her family finding comfort and contentment.

We truly love Nazareth and are so proud and grateful,” she shares. “If we had to describe Nazareth in one word it would be ‘perfect’!”

She added that Nazareth has been perfect for their Catholic formation, for community connection, and for their children’s educational progress, growth and development.

“We can’t wait for the future ahead and to watch them grow in this amazing place,” said Madeleine.

Thank you to the individuals and families who shared their stories with us for this Catholic Education Week feature. Your story is our story at Nazareth. Together, we continue to write chapters of community, connection, and aspiration.

If you’d like to share your story with us, please contact news@nazareth.org.au


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