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Live more humbly, generously and faithfully


Today is the Feast day of St Mary MacKillop of the Cross. Yesterday, secondary students from MacKillop House had the opportunity to share in a liturgy as well as hear from our very own Sister Theresa Swiggs, Pastoral Care Coordinator, and Sister of St Joseph about her call to follow in God’s footsteps.  

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Losing power on purpose!


7,620 students across Catholic Primary and Secondary Schools in Western and North Western Adelaide were ‘kept in the dark’ last Friday 19 May as part of Catholic Education Week and the schools’ commitment to environmental sustainability. 

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It’s STEM week at Nazareth Primary this week!


“We create a meaning with colour, we sculpt the character within, we give freedom to show movement”

STEM, what is STEM? It is everywhere. We hear on the news, read about it in the paper, it is also a topic that is thrown around as part of political campaigns but what exactly is it…?

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Catholic Education - "Where every child matters"


Finishing off #CathEdWeek with a bang!

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Nude Food Day


Is your food going nude tomorrow? 

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Getting Orientated!


Armed with maps and a compass, our secondary students spent the week getting oriented!

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Volunteers Sustaining our Community


As a follow up to our volunteer induction session on Tuesday evening, we asked Community Services Officer Nicole Carey about what benefits she sees in volunteering for the community.  

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Traffic Management - Findon Campus


Pick up and drop of the children is problematic at all schools. This is compounded by the 700 students we have who all leave together. 

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Family Engagement at Nazareth


We asked our Community Development Leader, Ms Ann Bliss: What does Family Engagement look like at Nazareth?

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Class of 2016 Recognised


Yesterday we recognised the achievements of our Class of 2016 at the Merit Awards Assembly. 

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