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Research Project - Paving the Path for Future Education


For 15 of Adelaide’s bright budding researchers, the SACE subject ‘Research Project’ has been far more than just an opportunity to study an area of their interest; it has been an opportunity to take the “next step”.

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Empowering, Inclusive and Equal!


Celebrating International Day of People With Disability

On Monday 3 December people across the globe celebrated the International Day of People with Disability. At Nazareth, we honoured this special day on Friday 23 November with student activities and a liturgy at the Flinders Park campus.

The theme of this year's celebrations has been "Empowering persons with a disability and ensuring inclusiveness and equality." At Nazareth, we give thanks for the blessing and gift of the persons in our community with a disability.  

Year 10 student, Alessa Drumbill, who has Ullrich Muscular Dystrophy, had a special reflection to share with our community...

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Acts of Kindness


Last Friday, during MG, as part of their “Acts of Kindness” program, Dominic House year 8 and 12 students hosted the ECC’s Romero Room (Kindy) students.

The visit was also an expression of the Romero Room’s work exploring interdependence within our communities. The excursion paired the ECC children with secondary buddies from years 8 and 12.

"The excursion highlighted how far the children have come, as they learnt from the older students and shared deep connections with one another" - Natasha Walc, Romero Room Team Leader. 

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Research Project Success


Once again, Nazareth students have achieved outstanding results in the SACE Stage 2 subject of Research Project. All students successfully completed the Research Project once again, with 27 results of A+ and a total of 114 results within the A grade band across the year 12 cohort - this is an outstanding achievement. Subject merits will be determined by the SACE Board at the end of the year.

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Balaklava Winners - 4-in-a-row!


On Friday 3 August, our Primary Concert Band 1 and the Year 6 and 7 Rock Bands travelled to Balaklava for the 2018 Music Eisteddfod. It was the most competitive year yet with the highest number of participants involved. Our year 5-7 Concert Band students did exceptionally well and won their division for the 4th year in a row! The ensemble was particularly encouraged for playing a challenging repertoire and for great articulation and dynamics. What an amazing effort!

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Nazareth Balaklava

Important Secondary News


Read more for important information from the Secondary College including:

  • Research Project Expo: Wednesday 8 August, 7:30 pm
  • Semester 1 Academic Assembly
  • Year 11 RAP (Road Awareness Program) Presentation
  • Co-Curricular Photos: Thursday 16 August​


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Timor-Leste 2018


Over the winter break, fourteen of our fellow graduates and staff travelled to Timor-Leste. In what was Nazareth's eighth trip to Timor - and sadly Michael Dahl's last - we visited many schools and provided clothing, shoes, and much-needed supplies (laptops, school desks, chalk etc.), as well as a variety of sporting equipment (balls, racquets, frisbees etc.) donated to us by the Nazareth community. We were also able to construct a new playground at one of the schools with the support of the local village and the Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS). The experiences provided us with a unique bond with those with whom we travelled, provided us with a renewed perspective on our comfortable lives at home, and most importantly, allowed us to help the truly resilient people of Timor-Leste in some small way. It may only be small steps, but it is still a step forward.

Jesse Neill, Youth Minister

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Timor Leste Playground

Naturally Fun at the ECC


We value space because of its power to organise, to promote pleasant relationships between people, to create a handsome environment, provide changes, promotes choices and activity, and its potential for sparking all kinds of social, affective and cognitive learning. (Loris Malaguzzi).

The educators and children are excited that our sandpit makeover is nearing completion, we can’t wait to explore! Simon and his team from Climbing Trees have designed and constructed an exciting and inviting area for the children to engage in play that complies with the Early Years Learning Framework, National Quality Standards and the National Regulations. Learning environments are one of the key practices from the Early Years Learning Frameworks. 

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Vehicle Donated to Timor-Leste Nazareth Outreach Work


A 4WD Land Cruiser will soon be on its way to the village of Triloka, in Timor-Leste, to provide much needed medical support within their community. The vehicle was recently donated by an undisclosed generous benefactor, to the West Torrens Rotary Club for the Nazareth Outreach Work that is undertaken in Timor-Leste as a Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) Project.

The vehicle will be fitted out with medical equipment and necessary supplies to operate as a mobile health clinic – the second of its kind donated by Nazareth that will be operating in the region.

“The vehicle will be invaluable in Timor-Leste, the Good Crocodile Foundation (FLD) visit remote communities and reliable transport is essential for them in providing the medical support that is required. This vehicle will assist their work in so many ways” said Michael Dahl, Director at Nazareth Catholic Community and West Torrens Rotary member. 

“Nazareth are delighted that West Torrens Rotary Club have been able to source the vehicle, it was unexpected and will certainly be put to good use immediately” he said.

The young Timorese population, whilst only 55 minutes from Darwin, are still among the poorest in Asia; with two thirds of people living in rural areas where poor sanitation and malnutrition are endemic. Approximately 1,200 Timorese children under 5 years old die from preventable medical conditions every year.

 “While on a six-week volunteer trip to Timor-Leste in 2016, I was able to work in the first mobile health clinic, consulting and treating up to 60 patients each day alongside Timorese nurses,” describes Rose Whitehead, RAWCS volunteer.

“The mobile clinic travels to rural villages once or twice a week to offer health care to remote communities who would otherwise have no opportunity to seek medical assistance. Among many sick people, I met a young girl who had lived 12 years with undiagnosed Cerebral Palsy because her family had no way of transporting her to a doctor. Because of the mobile clinic, the girl was provided a wheelchair and access to physiotherapy treatment in Dili. It’s thanks to Rotary and The Good Crocodile Foundation that this family had their lives changed, and gained a new sense of home in a brighter future” Rose said.

For West Torrens Rotary Club, helping those less fortunate is the cornerstone of their activities.

“Our Rotary Club is only a small club in number, but our big focus is being involved in helping those less fortunate, both locally and internationally” said Maurie Howard, President of West Torrens Rotary Club.

“Personally, I hate seeing children suffer. Being involved in projects like this is a way to help those less fortunate in life and through organisations such as Rotary and Nazareth, to make their world a better place” he said.

In partnership with Rotary, Nazareth and the Good Crocodile Foundation have invested close to $150,000 over 7 years to support and undertake a number of life-changing projects in the Triloka region. A full list of the projects is available at

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2018 Student Leadership at Nazareth College (Secondary Campus)


As a student executive, we have decided on five portfolio groups that we believe are areas where student voice could be utilised. These five areas include:

  • Environmental
  • Fundraising and Events, 
  • Health and Wellbeing, 
  • Extracurricular, and 
  • Community and Arts. 

The student executive team decided on a focus for each group and this allowed student leaders in years 9-12 to nominate for a portfolio in which they believed they would be most valuable. The students decided, as a group, the initiatives and goals they wanted to work towards this year.

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