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Losing power on purpose!


Last Friday 19 May, Catholic schools in the west - northwest regions will join in a collaborative effort to support a common cause participating in “kept in the dark day”. Students and staff will be switching off all non-essential power and heating/air-conditioning for the entire day across the 19 sites.

Calculations show that we will be able to save 1 Tonne of Carbon Dioxide Gas emissions (CO2) for every 1000 students in a day, so for 7,620 that’s over 7 and a half tonnes in just one day.

Staff are preparing for an entirely different learning experience, highlighting the importance of environmental sustainability and awareness with students, and the difference individuals can make.

“I think it’s a good initiative because it’s a good idea for students to learn how we can start saving electricity, and then we will know for the future how much we can save by making simple changes” - Nicholas Frangiskos (Year 8)

“I thought the kept in the dark day was a great idea because all the catholic schools in our area are starting to work together as a team and combat environmental problems” – John Ottaviano (Year 8)

“It feels good to help the environment and help our future generations” – Charlotte Brown (Year 8)

“It was a good thing to do because by saving electricity we are not only saving carbon emissions but we are also saving money which can be better invested other things for the community” - Alexia Momesso (Year 8)

The 19 School sites who participated were: Nazareth Catholic College (Primary and Secondary), Immaculate Heart of Mary School, St Michaels College (Primary and Secondary), St John Bosco School, St Joseph’s School (Hindmarsh), Tenison Woods Catholic Primary School, St Francis School, Star of the Sea School, Whitefriars School, Our Lady of the Visitation School, Dominican School, Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parish School, Mt Carmel College, St Margaret Marys School, St Patricks School, St Joseph’s School (Ottoway), and Our Lady Queen of Peace School.