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'Old Gold' Graduate Story: Harrison Stewart (2018)


Harrison Stewart, 2018 Graduate, after completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) degree where he specialised his degree around the study and art of writing fiction while being taught by some of South Australia’s most influential writers. Harrison is continuing his studies beginning a Postgraduate degree this year and will be focusing on his thesis on “Influential Fantasy Authors and how their Racial Prejudice is still evident in Fantasy today.” While working full-time as a Senior staff member at Surf Dive ‘n Ski he has had the opportunity to work in management positions and been offered a position at a new store which he has enjoyed.

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Painting our Vision

AAIR Year 3 (21).JPG

Throughout the term, the Year 3 Neighbourhood has participated in a five-week-long Artist in Residency program with Nikki Carabetta, Artist and Aboriginal Cultural Consultant for Catholic Education South Australia. 

Each class began the program by brainstorming a theme that could be utilised in their painting which they choose together as a class. All themes chosen had a meaningful connection to the students and our Nazareth Community.

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Erin’s Big Idea: Planting the Seeds to Grow Sustainability, Education, and Community!


Through her Year 6 sustainability inquiry, Erin Kotses was struck by a “big idea” to improve use of the raised garden beds at Findon Campus and develop an integrated garden-based program which will promote ecology, healthy eating attitudes, community engagement and social justice.

Tasked with researching and creating a practical way to ‘make a change’ and endorse sustainability in the school environment, Erin identified an opportunity to leverage the existing garden resources at Nazareth, and scale them into a project which will benefit students, families and the wider community alike.

Erin’s aspiration is to fill the raised beds with produce that can be sold year-round at a community market.

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Future Ready Leaders at Future Well Summit

Future Well Summit at Lightsview.jpg

As part of our Student Leadership Program, a selection of student leaders and wellbeing enthusiasts attended the inaugural Future Well Summit at Lightsview.

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Our Proud New School Crossing Monitors


Students at the Findon campus are proudly taking on the new role of supervised roadside safety guards as expertly trained School Crossing Monitors. 

All students in Years 5 and 6 recently took part in School Crossing Monitor Training delivered by a member of the South Australia Police Road Safety Centre. This training is offered annually across the State to upper primary students, teachers and staff members who operate school crossing or pedestrian-activated traffic lights.

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'Old Gold' Graduate Story: Claire Salvemini (2017)

WATN Claire Hedshot.jpg

Claire Salvemini (2017), after successfully finishing her Bachelor in Communications and Media, sub-majoring in social media at the University of South Australia, now works as a Digital Coordinator in the SkyCity Adelaide Marketing team. In this role, Claire oversees various Digital Communications for some of the brand’s restaurants, more specifically their social media, website, and community management. Claire explains that the job came through an internship she did with SkyCity which she enjoyed and ultimately “[her] work during the internship and connections made helped me get to where I am now”.

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Teaching Empathy for Earthquake Anniversary


Flinders Park Campus teacher Mr Andrew McNicol recently offered his Year 7 Japanese classes a lesson he describes “has proven to establish very strong levels of student engagement, empathy, perspective, and gratitude.”

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Heros with Big Hearts for HeartKids

HeartKids Drakes Nazareth 2022_rsz.jpg

Zipping on their super suits and casual clothes (since not all heroes wear capes), students and staff at Nazareth Catholic College Flinders Park Campus joined the fight against congenital heart disease by taking part in the “Be a Hero for HeartKids” day last Friday 17 June.

Nazareth 7-12 students dressed as their favourite hero characters in exchange for donations which equated to $1,280 for children with congenital heart disease, which is a leading cause of infant death in Australia.


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Year 10 -12 GTO Workshops


Traineeship and Apprenticeship Opportunities and Requirements workshops are running at the St Gabriel Centre, room SG114, 1.30pm - 2.10pm (please bring your lunch)

See below for the schedule:

Friday 1 July - Programmed
Monday 27 July - MAS National

For the complete schedule click here and for any further information or to register your interest email Antoniette Salandra.

Graduate Stefania 'Steps Up' to take Senior Dance

Stefania Zollo Photo.jpg

Stefania Zollo (2021 Graduate) created a hip-hop routine with the Stage 1 Year 11 Integrated Learning Class which was performed last Tuesday night at the 10 & 11 Senior Performance Evening. 

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